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Tips for Hosting an Unforgettable Summertime Get Together

Mon, Jul 22, 2019 at 10:25AM

Tips for Hosting an Unforgettable Summertime Get Together

When you choose to build a custom home of your own, you can’t wait to reside in a home that perfectly meets your needs. You take pride in the hard work and dedication that it took for you to obtain a gorgeous Daytona Beach custom home that is tailored to your exact specifications. So, why not show it off? The summer season is an ideal time to invite loved ones and neighbors over for a social get together.

Guests will marvel at your one-of-a-kind home and you’ll beam with pride knowing that no one has a home quite like yours. Instead of making this a stressful affair, discover our best tips for hosting an unforgettable summertime get together in your own backyard. Take a look!

Prepare Your Home

As your guests arrive, you’ll want them to instantly take notice of the detail and planning that went into your custom home. Frame your home effectively by taking care of your lawn and surrounding landscape. If the winter months wreaked havoc on your luscious lawn, now is the perfect time to get it back to its summertime vibrancy. Set your irrigation system to run at night to insure proper lawn hydration.

Be sure to fertilize your lawn as well and as it nears the day of your get together, mow your lawn for that manicured look. If your backyard is lacking some personality, consider adding some simple color and form with potted plants and flowers. Purchasing multiple and diverse planting containers will make the space appear more full and vibrant. Guests will be impressed by your green thumb and the warm feeling that summertime flowers create.

Decide on the Menu

The menu for your get together can range from casual to formal, but be sure to keep the occasion and guest preferences in mind. Don’t get too caught up in food choices that you forget to enjoy yourself. A great night with friends should be at the center of the night. This can mean starting the night off with a fun and simple cocktail to welcome guests into your home. Some summer favorites include a fresh mojito or a tangy margarita.

Don’t forget the appetizers! Start the night out by serving something delicious, yet simple like chips and salsa, a hummus platter, or a cheese plate.

Instead of the traditional barbecue style meal, opt for a light, summery menu full of fresh, unique ingredients. Craft a delicious artisanal salads and opt for family style main dishes to keep clean up and serving minimal. Things like pasta, kabobs, rice dishes and sandwiches are great options for an al fresco meal. During these types of get togethers, the grill is your friend. Try grilling up some chicken breasts or salmon fillets for a high quality meal that everyone will enjoy.

Add Some Ambiance

Set the mood with music in lights in your backyard or home interior. Hang lights from trees or arrange outdoor friendly lanterns along the walk ways. Keep bugs away by lighting tiki torches around the party area and lighting citronella candles throughout.

Choose music for your night by opting for something classic and fun that everyone will know and enjoy. Be sure to keep the music quiet enough so conversation can be easily exchanged across the table.

Offer a Tour of Your Home

Your Daytona Beach custom home is your pride and joy and you may be thrilled to show it off to your backyard party guests. Once everyone has settled in and has cocktails in hand, offer a walking tour of your humble abode. Guests will love to see the gorgeous home you have put together and you’ll have fun walking along while making a point to speak on custom elements that you were able to choose yourself. Your guests will marvel at the attention to detail that Kargar homes so proudly exhibit and they’ll leave thinking of your new home as a true work of art.

For more than three decades, we’ve delighted Daytona Beach homeowners just like you with the stylish elegance we’re capable of creating. We are proud of our solid reputation as one of the very best Daytona Beach home builders. In addition, we stand by our stellar track record for unparalleled customer service. Simply browse our website to view photos of your recent work. Then, contact us today to get started on a custom home of your own.

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