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Why Kargar?
Why Kargar?


Our Mission & Vision

Kargar Construction’s mission is to emphasize quality and excellence in creating signature works of art personalized for our clients. Kargar Construction’s vision is to have its name synonymous with the highest standard of excellence in custom home designs, service and craftsmanship across the State of Florida.


Meet the Builder

Mike H. Kargar: President & CEO Kargar Construction, Inc.: Mike H. Kargar, has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. The gamut of his expertise includes new construction of multi-family and single-family residences, multi-story commercial buildings, and swimming pool design and construction with specializing in custom home building. Passion for designing and building legendary homes is what sets Mike Kargar apart from other builders. His innovative designs are revolutionary. Throughout his career, Mike has never been content to build houses the same way as most other builders. He has always preferred to push the envelope, continuously seeking ways through creative design, new technology, and innovative ideas to build better homes.

As a signature builder, Mike strives to blend the needs and tastes of each client into every facet of home design through the exchange of ideas and information with the area’s finest architects and designers. As a true green builder, he takes every step to implement innovative and responsible practices throughout his homes and his company to create a healthy living environment for his homeowners with minimal impacts on the Earth's climate. His homes are built with the leading edge of today's high technology. He is a perfectionist and he does not settle for anything less than perfect, a quality that is appreciated by his customers.


Why Kargar?

High Quality, Timeless Custom Home Designs: Kargar Construction is dedicated to producing high quality, timeless, custom home designs for refined home purchasers. We want to make your dream home a reality. Kargar Construction emphasizes on quality in creating an individual, signature, works of art personalized for its clients. Kargar Construction masterfully designs custom homes with meticulous attention to detail and welcomes you to discover and capture the essence of superior style and enduring quality in its timeless, energy efficient homes. Kargar Construction new line of affordable homes also offer the same quality as its custom homes. "We have not changed our signature. We have just made it more affordable".



  • GRAND AURORA AWARD WINNER – Interior Merchandising
  • AURORA AWARD WINNER – Interior Merchandising/Design ‐ Bath
  • AURORA AWARD WINNER – Interior Merchandising
  • FERI – Grand Award, Blue Ribbon for Kitchen, Pool, and Interior Detailing
  • SOLAR – Grand Award, Blue Ribbon for Best Kitchen and Living Room
  • WIND – Award of Excellence, Blue Ribbon for Best Kitchen
  • SOLAR – Best Interior Detailing
  • HEMINGWAY – Grand Award, Blue Ribbon for Kitchen, Wood Work and Craftmanship
  • GREEN – Grand Award, Blue Ribbon for Ceiling Detail
  • FERI – Best Detached Single Family $1.5 Mil – 2 Mil.
  • HEMINGWAY – Best Master Bath Design
  • SOLAR – Best Master Bath Design
  • DISCOVERY – Award of Excellence, Blue Ribbon for Kitchen Design
  • SMART – Grand Award, Blue Ribbon for Interior Architectural Detailing
  • FERI – Best Landscape and Pool Design
  • SOLAR – Best Energy Efficient Home
  • SMART – Best Energy Efficient Home



Florida Design Annual Sourcebook, 2019 Edition

We build more than homes.
We build art.