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Design Your Home
Design Your Home

Design Your Custom Home

For a fully custom and inspired home of your dreams, Kargar Homes is the best choice. Every custom home starts somewhere, often a vision of grandeur that feels hard to even fathom. The reality will set in upon our first meeting with the client, where we help you visualize and detail what can be done with your perfect piece of land. As we bridge the divide between conceptualization and building, you will see clearly our specialization in and dedication to cutting edge design, craftsmanship, and technology. We blend elegance with unparalleled service to assure that each homeowner receives a highly personalized architectural work of art that is wholly reflective of its original dream.

With a fully immersive and transparent design process at Kargar, you will be an integral part of your home development. We combine your vision with our experience, knowledge, efficiency, and confidence to foster paramount trust and stability in the home that comes to form. Each home building experience is unique and meaningful to us, and we stand proud of the masterful designs and details we bring to life for each family that we work with. Our customers are our primary focus, start to finish; after all, it’s your vision.   

Though many people have their fantasy home space, few get to realize it. Get started with Kargar today, and we can provide you with this dream home that is perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. Contact us today to get the process started.

We build more than homes.
We build art.