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How to Create the Perfect Flex-Study Space in Your Custom Home

Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 12:55PM

How to Create the Perfect Flex-Study Space in Your Custom Home

This back-to-school season, you may be looking for ways to help your child study comfortably at home—while still enjoying a flexible way to play, read or relax, too! This is where a flex-study space comes in handy.

This kind of room can be an existing den, loft or spare bedroom, which you can design to suit the needs of homework and study time as well as fun with friends and family! Just read on to learn more about getting the best of both worlds in your home.

(As a bonus, these tips work great for home offices and other versatile workspaces!)

Enjoy the benefits of built-in storage

Every room can benefit from built-in storage and other features, but especially a flex-study space! You can easily line up books on a built-in shelf, for example, or have your child do homework and projects on a built-in desk without needing to buy one separately. Plus, even as your child grows, and their needs and interests evolve, those built-in features will be there to serve them in different ways. The end result? A multipurpose room you can count on for years to come!

Use multipurpose furniture

You can also opt for multipurpose furniture and flourishes for a truly versatile space. For example, ottoman storage cubes serve as a great place to sit while your child studies or works on projects with friends—when homework time is over, though, they can open up those cubes to find toys, art supplies and whatever else they may enjoy! A TV that doubles as a computer monitor is another multipurpose must-have, since your child can easily transition between school assignments and educational videos, and movies they enjoy for some quality downtime.

Layout is everything

Whether you’re a stickler for feng shui, or simply want to optimize your home’s layout, the positioning of furniture in your flex-study space is definitely worth considering. Try to position furniture so that your child can enjoy plenty of light, or a great outdoor view, as they work on their assignments.

Add comfy, personal flair…

This isn’t just another place to study—this is your child’s place to study! Help it feel like a unique space by adding personal touches like their prized drawings framed on the wall, or accents of their favorite color scattered throughout. Don’t feel the need to be too traditional. Opt for novelty pieces like a comfy bean-bag for relaxing between study sessions, for example, or set up bookshelves in a fun color pattern to draw the eye and encourage your child’s love of reading.

… and lots of natural light

Whatever décor scheme you choose, you can’t go wrong by adding lots of natural light! A large picture windows is perfect for letting the sun’s rays shine in, helping to inspire your child and illuminate whatever tasks they may be working on.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy the back-to-school season and beyond in your Daytona Beach custom home!

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