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A Pool with Personality: Custom Home Builders’ Guide to Enchanting Outdoor Spaces

Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 5:30PM

A Pool with Personality: Custom Home Builders’ Guide to Enchanting Outdoor Spaces

One of the most popular features for custom homes in the Sunshine State is, of course, a beautiful pool. Your pool can be the center of family fun and wellness—plus, it serves as an attractive landscape feature for your backyard!

When you build a home with Kargar Homes, the premier custom home builders in Volusia County FL, we can help design your pool as an integral part of your custom construction—never an afterthought but a feature player in your carefully crafted space. Just read on as we share a few simple ways we (and you) can help frame your home around a picture-perfect pool.

Room(s) with a view

When we design your home with your pool in mind, we can help effortlessly blend your indoor and outdoor spaces for a truly custom, resort-style atmosphere. One big perk of this concurrent design process is being able to frame views around your beautiful new pool-to-be so that its stunning look can be enjoyed even from the inside—from your master suite, kitchen, family room and anywhere else you’d like to showcase your sparkling new view.

Luxury features

As we design a luxury home and outdoor space for you to call your own, we work in partnership with Pools by Extreme to deliver elegant features in your swimming pool, too! These can include anything from striking moving water features, to wet shelves that let you kick back and relax without being totally submerged.

Shade you can count on

We here in the aptly named Sunshine State love our warm, sunny rays—but we also know that shade is essential to summertime fun! At Kargar Homes, we work to implement built-in shade solutions like covered patios and other features that keep you cool between dips in the water.

Ready for fun

Once your beautiful new pool and custom dream home are designed, you can take things a step further and add handy touches for the effortless pool day. For example, if you have a bathroom with pool access, you can decorate it with nautical flair and keep it well-stocked with spare dry towels (and maybe even a towel heater for a luxurious, comfortable touch), room for swimsuits to dry and perhaps even a bucket of pool toys and goggles for convenience when an impromptu pool session strikes.

Flexible furniture

The furniture you choose for your pool and patio space can define your outdoor experience! A few of our favorite options are flexible in nature, so that they can be just as easily used during dinner parties and your morning coffee as they can splashing days in the pool. For example, a wicker table with built-in storage will work excellently as a gathering space and place to keep spare towels and pool toys. Modular chairs and sectionals can give you the perfect bonfire seating spot when huddled together, or be separated to serve as easy poolside loungers.

We hope that today’s guide helps inspire your custom pool escape! At Kargar Homes, we design spaces you’ll love inside and out—no detail is too small, no imagination too big to explore. Just contact us today to get started. We look forward to working with you at every step of the way. 

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