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Become The Perfect Host by Using These Features in Your Custom Home

Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 12:15PM

Become The Perfect Host by Using These Features in Your Custom Home

If you have a penchant for frequently inviting friends and family over, then you know there’s no feeling like being a beloved host or hostess in your circle of loved ones.

Whether its throwing lavish parties or simple dinner gatherings for family and close friends, a custom-built home can allow you to easily design and set up your living space to cater to your love for hosting.

Here are some key features in your custom home that can make entertaining even more pleasurable:

Open Floor Layout

The open concept reigns when it comes to having guests over in large numbers. The spacious feeling keeps people comfortable in each other’s presence while maintaining their space, as they flow from the living room area to the kitchen or dining. With no walls or barriers closing spaces, your family and guests can always be in each other’s company in such a setup without feeling too crowded.

A powder room on the ground floor close to your usual guest-entertaining area would be convenient to use, while maintaining the privacy of the rest of the house.

Spacious Kitchen

If you enjoy entertaining guests, you may have noticed that they like to gather and graze in the kitchen as they continue conversations with the host and others. Design a kitchen with enough room to accommodate company with your kitchen island serving as a pivotal feature for entertaining. Depending on your space, the island can be designed to accommodate seating or serve as a food station during parties.

Media Room

Nothing brings people together the way sports does. A flex room in your custom home with a big screen TV and some comfortable couches, bean bags, and armchairs can easily turn into a media room when your guests are over to watch their favorite team playing a big game! Your flex room can also double as a game room, with perhaps a nook dedicated to a chess board or foosball table. Consider using tiles or wooden flooring that’s easy to clean in such a room where spills can be expected.

Outdoor Area

Everyone knows the joy of sitting in the great outdoors with people you love, especially during springtime and fall season. An outdoor kitchen fully equipped with a grill and refrigerator among other appliances is ideal for outdoor get-togethers.

If you’d rather keep your cooking indoors, but would prefer entertaining outside, add elements such as small waterfalls or a wooden deck with fairy lights to provide a cozy yet elegant ambiance to your outdoor space.

At Kargar Homes, our team of home builders in New Smyrna Beach understands the lifestyles and preferences of various families, including sociable ones who regularly enjoy the company of others in their home. Our aim is to tailor your custom home to suit your needs, so that you can live your dream life in the home of your dreams.

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