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Shifting Trends in Luxury Homes
Shifting Trends in Luxury Homes Tue, Oct 21, 2014 When they’d hear the word “luxury” in the past, homebuyers would almost always think of large, grandeur, closed-off villas and more bedrooms than you’d know what to do with. Only the finest of materials would be used and there would be large, empty h... Read More

2014 Fall Design Trends
2014 Fall Design Trends Tue, Oct 21, 2014 Whether you just moved in to your new house or have been calling the same place “home” for years, fall is always a great time to try your hand at redecorating. Some fall-time projects can be large-scale, but others you can do in just a few hours on t... Read More

Building a Community
Building a Community Thu, Sep 25, 2014 Do you have memories of running around your neighborhood, going door to door asking if your friends could come out and play? You’d make up games as you went and stay out until the streetlights went on, and start all over the next day. Read More

Going Green: Why Green Homes Work
Going Green: Why Green Homes Work Thu, Sep 25, 2014 In this day and age, building energy-efficient homes is a no-brainer. Not only do these homes fit the eco-friendly bill, they make sense economically, too! Here are our favorite parts of living in a green home. Read More

Weekend Fall Fun in Daytona Beach
Weekend Fall Fun in Daytona Beach Thu, Sep 25, 2014 School’s back in session, but there is still plenty of time for family fun on the weekends! Check out these three cool local activities for your family. Read More

Getting Smart about the Utility Costs for Daytona Homes
Getting Smart about the Utility Costs for Daytona Homes Mon, Jun 16, 2014 If you’re moving somewhere new, you already know to expect changes: changes at work, school, among your family and friends. It’s also guaranteed that your budget will be switched around as well. To lessen the burden of such an extreme change, follow ... Read More

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