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3 Easy Ways to Create Zones in An Open Floor Plan

Thu, Oct 27, 2022 at 11:58AM

3 Easy Ways to Create Zones in An Open Floor Plan

From the moment you first envisioned having your very own custom-built house, you probably imagined an open floor plan, where your family’s energies flowed smoothly throughout the day, from the kitchen to the dining to the living room. While an open floor plan is brilliant in its versatility, you need to plan carefully to avoid this kind of layout becoming a vast, seemingly unending space, without definition or structure.

The solution is to set up your interior in such a way that at a single glance one would be able to make out the functionality of the different areas. It would be useful to think of your open floor plan having zones, or sections, each with their own purpose, but without the use of barriers.

Here are some smart ways to create zones in your open floor layout:

Strategically Positioning Furniture

You can cleverly use furniture to your advantage by grouping pieces together to define that area. For example, a sectional sofa with a coffee table and some end tables would mean this is a space for lounging. A few meters away, a breakfast table with some chairs would be suitable to eat a meal or for the kids to settle down with homework.

Furniture can also be used as dividers. A long and narrow console or a low bookshelf behind a sofa, punctuated with side tables or a planter would cap off the area. An exotically painted folding screen or the use of mirrors, plants and artwork can beautifully divide a space, while introducing additional dimension and color to the area.

Using Rugs to Carve Out Specific Areas

Rugs can serve several purposes when placed strategically in your home. Along with adding a feeling of coziness and comfort, they also bring in a splash of color as well as define a selective space. A narrow runner for example would be great to add to your entrance or to create a path between two areas such as your living and dining space. Placing a large rug to cover your living room area entirely also is a creative way to make that space cozy and mark it as your family’s sitting area.

Creating Zones with Colors

Strategically using colors to differentiate zones not only visually tidies up a setting, but also adds character to your interior. In your living area, the sofas, cushions, and rug could be a combination of gray and blue hues but the kitchen in the background would be nearly all neutral. If there’s another zone in the area, it could be a color that gently complements the grey and blue. But do remember to stay restrained in the color aspect - you don’t want a clash of different hues creating chaos in the most important space of the house!

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