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What to Know Before Building in a Beachfront Community

Tue, Apr 26, 2022 at 11:14AM

What to Know Before Building in a Beachfront Community

Your goal of living on beachfront property is more realistic than you might think. That’s not to say there won’t be challenges in constructing your new home. By reviewing some of these factors, you’ll be better prepared to sidestep these obstacles.

Talk with Your Home Builders in New Smyrna Beach About Elevation

Reviewing the elevation certificate for your property with your home builders in Volusia County is a necessary first step. This will help you determine how much support you’ll need for the foundation of your new coastal home. You may only need to elevate your property by up to 9 feet, but many coastal locations require a higher elevation of up to 15 feet.

Avoid Getting Too Tall

Many coastal communities want to take full advantage of the sunlight, so they don’t want a line of tall homes blocking the rays. For this reason, some cities limit the height of coastal homes. This can be problematic when you already must add pilings to combat flooding. Typically, height restrictions in coastal communities range from 28 feet to 50 feet.

This Is the Time to Splurge

When working with home builders in New Smyrna Beach, avoid being overly cheap. It will be worthwhile to spend a little extra on the materials for your coastal home. You’ll want materials that will stand up longer against high winds, fierce rainfall, and other environmental factors. Going with the cheaper options can end up costing you more in future repairs.

Expand Your Living Space

You can create a great outdoor entertaining area by adding an outdoor kitchen to your customized design plans. When the days are sunny and pleasant, you’ll be happy to have an open-air meal prep area. You can cook the meal without being left out of the conversation.

Staying in touch with your contractor will help you stay on top of problems as they arise. Good communication between you and your contractor will make the construction process go more smoothly. As a result, you’ll get into your new beachfront home that much sooner.

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