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5 Coastal-Inspired Elements for Your New Smyrna Beach Custom Home

Fri, May 22, 2020 at 5:25PM

5 Coastal-Inspired Elements for Your New Smyrna Beach Custom Home

You’ve finally built your dream home by the beach—or maybe you’re on your way, kicking off the process of your custom home design! As your go-to custom home builders in New Smyrna Beach FL and the surrounding area, we here at Kargar homes are experts when it comes to living the coastal lifestyle, and incorporating elements of it in your very own home.

Read on as we share a few of our favorite beach-inspired elements to try today.

Shades of the shore

One of the best ways to add a beachy feel to your home is to incorporate colors pulled from the shore! Beige tile or white-washed wood are flooring options reminiscent of the sand itself; light-colored cabinetry can help your home feel like a charming coastal cottage; and, of course, light blue hues can be used in a wide variety of ways to introduce a sense of calm to your space and mirror the color of the waves! Think of adding turquoise or aquamarine as an accent wall color, or adding it to your space by way of throw blanket, pillows or beautiful tiled backsplash.

Beachy accents

For an extra sense of shoreline inspiration, add beachy accents like shiplap paintings, decorative paddles and life preservers, or wall art featuring dolphins, fish and other ocean animals. The best part about beach-inspired décor? It works well in large and small doses alike; so keep it contained to a beautiful bathroom or bedroom, or let it be a recurring motif throughout your entire home.

Comfortable textures

When you think about the beach, you don’t just think about the gorgeous, sunny landscape or sound of the waves—you think about the way you feel, too. The softness of the sand beneath your feet, the comfort of an old beach blanket as you relax after swimming in the ocean. You can introduce coastal elements to your home by layering comforting textures like a shaggy accent rug or loose-knit throw blanket on your family room sofa.

Focus on splashing fun

Many of us wish we could be at the beach all day, every day—but when you have a custom pool in your backyard, you get to enjoy something pretty close! Beach features like a bonfire pit by your pool can help your outdoor space feel like a one-of-a-kind slice of coastal living.

Metallic touches for sand-inspired glimmer

As is the case with many décor schemes, the beauty of this one is in the details! Look closer at your favorite beach landscape and you’ll discover the gentle glimmer of sand specks against the beige or powder-white ground. You can mirror this sparkling finish with the addition of metallic accents—beautiful vases, bathroom tiles and other features that stand out in subtle yet powerful ways.

Whether you’re a surfer with a love for the waves, or simply enjoy soaking up the sun from your favorite beach blanket, our beaches are unlike any other in the world! Show off your seafaring spirit with these décor touches, and be sure to contact Kargar Homes today to see how we can help keep the waves rolling with remodeling additions you’re sure to love.

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