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6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Determining The Size Of Your New Custom Home

Thu, Nov 04, 2021 at 9:54AM

6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Determining The Size Of Your New Custom Home

Congratulations! You are thinking about building a new custom home in Florida. You may be thinking – “how do I determine the size of my new home?” Whether you’re considering the number of bedrooms or whether to add a larger garage, we put together a list of items to consider when starting a new home construction project. Just read on!

Budget and Cost Management: Start by asking yourself what you can reasonably afford to spend on a home and still have plenty left to take vacations, go out to dinner, and enjoy a social life. Try to determine what upgrades you want but leave room for when your mind changes or you discover another feature you hadn't considered initially. Always leave room in your budget for material cost fluctuations. Cost control is one of the biggest mistakes made in homebuilding. Have a plan and work that plan. Changes will happen, so make sure to leave some room so you can stay within the original budget.

Needs vs. Wants: It is human nature to look at photos and think, I want that and that, and so on. But do you need it? How many people will be living in your home? For instance, a family of four, on average, requires 2400 -2800 sqft. How many bedrooms are necessary? Living in Florida invites out-of-state visitors; therefore, you may want to add an extra bedroom with a private bath. Make a list of all the things that make the most sense, not just for the short term but also for the next ten years.

Formal vs. Entertainment areas: Take note of the areas of a home where you would spend most of your time. Why pay for space that you rarely use. How important is a formal dining area or living room when you realize most spend their time in the kitchen or the family room gathered around the television? Ask yourself if too much formal living area is a waste of space for your lifestyle. Florida living includes porches, patios, an outside kitchen, and often a pool. All of this is great to have if you have a sizeable family, a plan to entertain friends, and spend much time enjoying the outdoor areas of your home.

Home Office Space: Whether you are retired, still actively employed, working at home, having an area dedicated to a home office has become a trend with new homes. Studies show that they can increase home value. If you don't need an office, the room can easily convert into a reading or hobby space. This room should include cabinets and storage areas, creating the perfect multi-purpose room that can meet various needs.

Resale Value: You are building a custom home that suits your current and future needs. When making such an investment, it is always prudent to look ahead, plan and incorporate decisions now that will benefit you later. It is reasonable to consider that there will come a time when you may want to downsize. During the design process, it is essential to ask questions that relate to the long-term regarding the house's layout, how I can have what I want now, and have it designed for a smooth and cost-effective transition in the future.


As the adage – it is vital to get going 'on the right foot.' An all too common mistake is not engaging the right team at the beginning. Imagine fielding a football team with only half the players on the field. A significant error like this will leave huge gaps and open the door for problems throughout the process. It is vital to have all the necessary people and components in place. That is the best way to 'take the field,' making sure all gaps are covered and questions answered. The Right Team will leave no stone unturned. Kargar Homes is the right team to help ensure a smooth process for your new construction home.

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