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5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Destination from Home Builders Port Orange FL

Fri, Oct 08, 2021 at 9:30AM

5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Destination from Home Builders Port Orange FL

New home builders in Volusia County can create a stunning abode with all the amenities you desire the most. However, interiors aren’t all that is involved in establishing the ideal setting. Enjoying the outdoors is also on the mind of home builders in Port Orange, and we offer up five easy ways to transform your yard into a destination for all to take advantage of. Just read on!

Design an Outdoor Living Space During New Home Construction

Your new home builders in Flagler can assist with selecting the poshest and most comfortable outdoor furnishings and accessories that easily allow you and your guests to move outside during gatherings. One can literally create a ‘room’ outdoors for dining al fresco. Today, it’s possible to have an entire kitchen in the backyard complete with grilling stations, heating drawers, stovetops, refrigeration and even a sink. Add a couch or comfortable patio furnishings shielded by a linen canvas to protect from the warm Florida sun if desired.

Upgrade Amenities During Custom House Building

The addition of water elements such as a hot tub, fountain or pool, invite the vibe of Florida right into the backyard zone. Not only can these be refreshing and fun, but they can prove to be a respite on warm days. With the right amenities like a wet bar or cabana, this can become a haven that everyone in the family can enjoy. Consider adding a fire pit or outdoor heater for cool and breezy nights, so that you can have a ‘staycation’ any time you please without the need to leave home.

Plant a Garden to Add a Personal Touch

Your home builders in Volusia County can help you with determining the best types of foliage, flowers and shrubs to spruce up your landscaping and make the home truly yours. However, if you love fresh veggies and fruit and have a green thumb, consider planting a garden in the backyard. Even those who aren’t so handy with plants could create a small herb garden that can become a lovely addition to patio areas.

Accessorize and Decorate

New home builders and their design teams can help you transition your decks and patios into dreamy destinations with appealing accessories and decor. You’d be surprised how simple pieces such as rugs, pillows, ornaments and flower pots can add pops of color to outdoor living areas. Let the outside be just as equally reflective of your style and personality as the indoors are!

Don't Forget Lighting

Not only does extra outdoor lighting boost security for homeowners, but it certainly makes gatherings outside after dark more feasible. Rather than high-powered spotlights, think about having your home builders in Port Orange FL install mood lighting with dimming options. There are twinkling lights, solar-powered accents and task lights that can be on ground level or overhead to establish a certain ambiance and mood. Fire pits are excellent additions that can light up the night or provide warmth on chilly evenings.

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