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The Hottest Home Design Trends in New Construction Homes in 2022

Tue, Mar 01, 2022 at 12:06PM

The Hottest Home Design Trends in New Construction Homes in 2022

Home design trends change through the years, but one thing home builders in Florida always agree on is that a home should reflect the needs of the family who will live in it. As America makes its way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners are looking for something new, exciting, and inspiring in home design. 

The Curves Have It

Curvy is back, but was it ever really gone? The trend toward curves in home design includes rounded walls, arched entry ceilings, barrel-vault ceilings, and curved furniture. 

Curves lend an element of surprise and creativity to a home’s construction. Further, they’re friendly and welcoming. An entryway wall curving toward you is like an invitation to come inside. 

Include curves in your new home design as a visual break from too many straight edges or to add interest and curb appeal.

Flexible Spaces

With more people working from and launching their own businesses from home, any extra spaces have been quickly claimed. Because of this trend, you can expect to see more custom homes designed with flex space. 

Flexible rooms offer homeowners many options. They’re designed to provide plenty of storage and can be used as a teen hangout, crafting room, home office, or as a quiet place to relax. These spaces can also double as a guest room.   

Bring It Black

In the last few years, many colors have claimed to be “the new” black, but ultimately, no other color is as dramatic and bold as the real deal. Home designers count on touches of black to make neutral colors pop. Watch for black window frames, entryway doors, roof tiles, and other touches on home exteriors and interiors in 2022.

Biophilic Design

Smart homes are still very much in, but finding new ways to bring nature indoors is giving home builders in Florida a new creative challenge. Biophilic design makes the most of sunlight, fresh air, and other natural elements in the home. 

It features plants, indoor/outdoor spaces, natural shapes in the architecture, and a host of other natural elements. This isn’t a revisiting of the earth tone color palettes popular in the 1990s. Biophilic design is a fresh new approach to integrating nature with everyday living.

Colorful Kitchens

White kitchens have been on-trend for several years now, but innovations in appliances and cabinetry are giving homeowners some exciting—and colorful—new options. Painted or colorfully stained wood cabinets and more colors and textures in countertop materials are already becoming popular in new-construction homes. 

To be on-trend, stay within the neutral range, and use subtle colors to make the kitchen warm and inviting.

Décor on the Floor

Patterned floors are in again. Partly due to an interest in upcycling old materials and partly because of supply shortages, creative designers are helping homeowners figure out how to piece together different materials to create stunningly beautiful, unique designs that rival those of Old-World masters. 

Forget about fussy parquets or intricate border inlays. This trend is bold, colorful, and meant to make a statement in any room. 


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