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Movie Room Inspiration from Your Custom Home Builders in Volusia County FL

Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 8:55AM

Movie Room Inspiration from Your Custom Home Builders in Volusia County FL

We may be having more movie nights-in these days—but with a beautiful movie room in your New Smyrna Beach custom home, you can enjoy an experience that’s just as enjoyable as your local movie theater (plus, no lines for popcorn). Read on for a few top tips for shaping the perfect screening space.

Movie room, home theater or somewhere in between?

The first step to setting up your ideal movie space is to decide what exactly it’ll be! Are you a film buff who craves a dedicated space to watch new and classic films in their total integrity—to recreate the theater-going experience as closely as possible? Or, do you simply want a room that can double as a casual family hangout space while also boasting a beautiful, blank wall or large TV where you can catch the game, a favorite streaming series or movie? There is no wrong answer here! Just pick the perfect option for your family’s unique preferences and enjoy.

Let’s think about light…

Depending on your first answer, your room may be a cozy space designed with no windows to truly imitate the theater experience (your custom home team can help make this happen!), or a family great room that lets in lots of light whenever you crave it - simply facilitate the transition from "family day" to "movie night" with the help of some block-out drapes or automatic shades. 

… and sound, too!

Be sure to ask your custom home team about how to pick the perfect spot and sound design for your home theater or movie room!

Determine your ideal screen

Depending on your personal preferences, you may gravitate toward the cinematic feel of a traditional projector-and-screen setup. However, you can just as easily enjoy a quality film experience with a large-screen TV and, of course, your favorite streaming service. 

Seating is everything

In your custom movie room, you can add theater-style seats (complete with built-in lighting to guide the way from door to seat), or opt for a big, comfy sectional where the whole family can sprawl out and enjoy the show.

Add fun film touches

Now, time for some fun film lover flourishes! You can deck out your movie room with posters from your favorite movies, or accents that double as fun and functional decor (think an old-fashioned popcorn stand or candy machine) to complete the perfect movie night.

We hope that these tips help you accomplish a home theater or movie room you and your family truly enjoy! Now comes the tricky part—what will you watch first?

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