2014 Fall Design Trends

Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 9:00AM

Whether you just moved in to your new house or have been calling the same place “home” for years, fall is always a great time to try your hand at redecorating. Some fall-time projects can be large-scale, but others you can do in just a few hours on the weekend. Here’s some inspiration for decking out your Florida home this October:

Knick knacks: Every home’s got them, and some we like more than others… but when you put these small decorations to deliberate use, you can turn boring surfaces into autumn-inspired displays! Think about fall colors—oranges, yellows, reds, golds and browns—as you design your mini collection above a fireplace or on another unused surface. A mix of different items, like pumpkins with mini statuettes and other trinkets, can help you achieve a simple vintage look.

Gold and metallic: Adding these sparkling accents to your home office or living space not only looks great for the season—it’ll make your space stand out throughout the year! Whatever you do, keep it simple. Gold light fixtures and eclectic metallic kitchenware used as décor will add a fun focal element to any room.

Retro wallpaper: Wallpaper certainly isn’t used as often as it used to be—but who says it’s a design faux pas? Switch things up and use retro-themed wallpaper in small areas to be subtle: try study nooks, bathroom backsplashes, or kids’ room accent walls.

Pillow swap: It’s a quick and inexpensive task with noticeable effects. Switch drab pillows for ones with fun textures, patterns and colors—our favorites for fall are reds, oranges and yellows. Be creative with your setup! There’s no rule that says all the pillows on a couch must come from the same set.

Be individual: This might seem like odd advice for your home, but it’s one of the most easily-implemented measure you can take to spicing up your space. When it comes to creating that cozy, lived-in feel, your own personal look will shine through. There’s no need to worry about matching every piece of furniture and color in your home—mix up neutrals with bolds, traditional furniture with modern and so forth. Your home will be cozy and rustic-feeling just in time for autumn.

2014 Fall Design Trends

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