8’ solid core interior doors

Doors with a solid core more closely replicate the weight and feel of solid wood doors. The solid core material provides the door with enhanced dimensional stability, support and durability. In addition to the pleasing weight and feel, doors with solid cores also act as better sound insulators than doors with hollow cores. Sound Transmission Coefficient, or STC, is an indicator of a given material's ability to act as a sound barrier. The higher the number, the better the performance. Solid core doors will perform 15% better in this category than hollow core doors. Kargar offers these doors as a standard feature in an effort to reduce interior noise from room to room.  The look and design of the doors are also a nice touch to any Kargar Home.solid interior doors.jpg

The following charts give comparative data showcasing the differences in weight and STC values for hollow core and solid core doors. As you can see, there is a considerable difference between a hollow core door and a solid core door.

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Approximate weights for 1   3/8” thick doors

Type of Door Construction

Door Size 24” x 80”

Door Size 30” x 80”

Door Size 36” x 80”

Hollow Core

23 lbs.

28 lbs.

32 lbs.

Solid Core (28 lb. PB)

47 lbs.

58 lbs.

71 lbs.


Door Size 24” x 96”

Door Size 30” x 96”

Door Size 36” x 96”

Hollow Core

29 lbs.

38 lbs.

46 lbs.

Solid Core (28 lb PB)

60 lbs.

75 lbs.

90 lbs.


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