Home Security System

The Residential Security Alarm System design starts out with complete perimeter protection. This means every door and window on the perimeter of the home will be alarmed. You will never again leave your home with windows left open, inviting intruders. The system reminds you to close all windows and doors. Some systems will even tell you which window or door may have been left

The system also features highly recommended interior protection, usually in the form of motion sensors, to detect movement in the home while the home is unoccupied. These motion sensors can provide an “interior trap” for unwanted intruders, or they can be used to protect “specific items”. Usually the motion sensors are not active while you are at home. But once you leave the home, your residence is fully protected with back-up interior protection.

iPhone_ADC_arming.pngOne keypad is standard with Kargar’s Security System.  Pre-wire for a future additional keypad is also included. An internal siren will sound on alarm activation to let you and the intruder know the system has been activated.

Kargar Construction, Inc. is the only builder offering services.  You may now view and control your home’s security directly from your smart phone. is a revolutionary wireless service that enables you to always know what's happening at home. With alert notifications and state of the art services like interactive security, customized light control, video monitoring, and thermostat adjustment, you'll have confidence that the people and things you love will stay safe.

*information provided by Habitech Systems, Inc.

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