LOW-E windows and sliding glass door


PGT’s complete line of WinGuard® Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors is engineered to meet hurricanes head on. What does this mean to you and your home? WinGuard can withstand impacts from flying debris, followed by hurricane-force winds and the glass will still remain in its frame. It’s effortless hurricane protection for your home.

But it’s more than just hurricane protection. WinGuard offers the most complete line of residential impact-resistant windows and doors. This means you can purchase all of your product needs under one brand and maintain the integrity of the design. WinGuard also reduces noise, fading caused by sun exposure, energy costs and helps provide year-round security against thieves and intruders.pgt-winguard-impact-window.jpg

By filtering out 99% of UV rays, WinGuard helps shield your furniture, carpet, artwork and window treatments from the effects of fading caused by the sun. We also offer a variety of high-performance glass options that feature tints and Low-E coatings that help reduce solar heat gain, increase comfort and help you better manage energy costs. There are many Energy Star® window and door configurations available.

The laminated glass in PGT WinGuard Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors absorbs sound rather than transmitting it, which helps to keep the world and its disruptions outside where they belong. In fact, the same type of glass is often used in airports and recording studios to significantly reduce ambient noise. The use of laminated instead of annealed glass can result in an additional perceived loudness reduction of approximately 30% for a standard mixture of aircraft, railroad and vehicular traffic noise.

Breaking a window is the most common means of entry for an intruder. But with WinGuard, the same effortless protection that guards against hurricane damage also deters intruders. While normal windows shatter easily upon contact, the durability of WinGuard keeps windows in one piece. Whether it be a major storm or an attempted break in, WinGuard and Kargar help keep you, your family and your home safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


*information provided by PGT Industries.

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