Granite countertops in kitchen

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In the last few years, there has been a growing interest in using granite for kitchen countertops. Here are four advantages to consider: 

1. Durability: If you are looking for longevity, granite is a good choice. Because it such a hard, dense stone, granite is very resistant to damage. It does not scratch easily, and it will not burn or warp if hot pans are placed on its surface. Additionally, due to its mineral composition, granite holds up very well to eroding acids, such as orange juice and vinegar. 


2. Versatility: Thinking of installing a butcher block to avoid constantly pulling out cutting boards? Granite serves the same purpose—in most cases, you can cut directly on the surface without worrying about scratches. Do you like making candy or baked goods? Granite wins again. The cool, smooth surface of the stone provides an ideal workspace for rolling out sticky caramels, fudges, and dough. 




3. Distinction: If you buy granite, you also buy a guarantee that no one else can copy your style. There are literally an infinite number of different color and pattern combinations, none of which will be duplicated in nature. Within each slab of stone, unique veins, swirls, and speckles are revealed.  Even a single piece of granite seems to change its appearance throughout the day as morning and evening light gets refracted through the crystal fragments embedded in the stone.


4. Beauty: People choose materials that are going to look attractive in their home and increase value at the same time. This stone naturally develops in many different colors and patterns, which means you can find a piece to fit every preference and decorating scheme. It is also a timeless choice rather than a trendy one. 

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