Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Kargar has partnered with Extreme Alterations, Inc. to offer all kitchen cabinets, media center cabinets and closet systems made custom out of ¾” plywood. The cabinets also include a 100lb rated drawer slide with a soft close system. The drawers are a 5/8” maple dovetail box. These cabinets are built solid to last.  Kargar is the only builder offering this quality product as a standard feature. Once again, Kargar’s Standards are higher.

 There are several varieties of door options available to achieve the look and feel you want in your kitchen.  These styles are a Maple wood door with your choice of a light or dark finish. Thermofoil doors are also available in a variety of colors and styles. The most popular of which is the high gloss, European, duel colored cabinetry. The cabinet doors have a soft close 110 degree hinge. This eliminates the doors from slamming shut. The inside shelving systems in all of our cabinets and custom build in closet systems are a clear maple with the option to adjust the shelving.


Plywood vs. Particle board

  • Plywood is made from layers of thin wood veneer glued together to form a solid sheet varying in thickness depending on how many layers of veneer are laminated together, with more layers resulting in a heavier, stronger sheet. Particle board is manufactured by combining small pieces of wood with a binding material and pressing or molding it into a sheet that solidifies when the binder dries.     
  •  Because it is entirely an engineered product, particle board can be manufactured to exact size sBoth plywood and particle board are sufficiently strong for cabinet construction, but plywood has a significant advantage in terms of tensile and shear strength. Plywood tends to be more resistant to water damage, and it is easier to repair if damaged. Because its laminated layers are laid out with alternating grain direction, plywood resists expansion and contraction, which occurs in the direction of the wood grain during changes in humidity and temperature. However, the highly varied grain direction of the wood material in particle board makes it even more resistant to expansion and contraction.

*information provided by Extreme Alaterations, Inc.

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