Tankless water heater with gas tank to be purchased or leased by home owner (Community Specific)

Tankless water heaters provide the comfort and convenience of having an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it—even for multiple tasks at the same time. Tankless Water Heaters revolutionize comfort, energy efficiency and convenience.  They are earth friendly, offer less waste and give you the option to stay green with a sustainable choice that has high standards for low emissions.   Lower CO2 emissions helps contribute to cleaner air and a healthier environment.  Some of the best features of our tankless water heaters include:

  • Designed for efficiency
  • Save energy
  • A smart investment
  • Replace parts, not systems
  • Long term energy savings
  • Savings in water use
  • Unlimited hot water
  • Less physical space



How Tankless Water Heaters Work


Tankless water heaters are often referred to as, "on-demand water heating," because it does not store heated water. Once the faucet is opened, water flows into the heater where a sensor turns on the heat exchange or heating coils. Water flows through the heating coils, it is heated to the desired temperature. Once the faucet is closed, the sensor automatically shuts down the heating coils. The entire process takes about 5 seconds to heat the water initially.


We have seen that since there is no standby loss, tankless heaters can be more energy efficient than their counterparts.

Other advantages to tankless water heaters are that they do not waste water since water is heated almost immediately. Also, you will not run out of hot water in the middle of a shower.

Since tankless heaters are smaller and do not hold water, their life span is 20 years, twice its counterpart's.


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