Your Daytona Beach Home: When to Not Decorate

Mon, Jun 01, 2015 at 11:25AM

We know you probably gasped when you read our title, telling you not to decorate your home? Well there are certain scenarios in which you should let the space be itself and skip the decorations. You don’t need to be an experienced interior designer and you don’t have to hire one to get a beautifully decorated home. Sometimes embracing the bareness can turn out to look better than trying to cover it with décor. We have 6 scenarios in which you should consider not adding to the space:


  1. Awkward Angles. Add some artistic interest on the floor with a fun rug rather than anything on the wall that could have the eyes skipping over your décor and focusing on the angles.
  2. Your Bed. Don’t feel like you have to have décor covering the wall above your bed. Our suggestion is a simple painting that leaves the room quiet and restful—the reason for your bedroom!
  3. Your Living Room. If you have a lot happening on your living room walls, keep it simple on your couch with just one toss pillow, for your midday naps, rather than adding more to the view.
  4. Your Textured Walls. If you have a textured wall, it’s enough decorating in and of itself! Don’t feel the need to hang something so that it fills the empty space. While some décor can be beautiful when layered, it is not necessary.
  5. Wall Art. The trickiest part of hanging art on your walls is determining how much space you should fill. You may be surprised, but negative space has a way of filling the wall itself. Don’t feel the need to cover every inch of your wall with artwork!
  6. Windows with Views. If you have a great view, and nothing to hide, skip the window treatments and leave them undressed. If you have curtains that you don’t typically bother to close, you probably don’t need them at all!


Do you have any other scenarios that you skipped the décor and let it bare all? Let us know!

Your Daytona Beach Home: When to Not Decorate

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