When in Doubt, Switch it Around: Design Ideas for Your Daytona Beach Home

Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 1:35PM

When in Doubt, Switch it Around: Design Ideas for Your Daytona Beach Home

For function, for inspiration, or just for kicks—we think rearranging your surroundings is always a worthwhile idea!

Sure, extensive overhauls of your home’s décor can change your space for the better… but who’s to say simpler, less involved rearrangements of furniture or accent pieces can’t do the trick just as well?

Take a look below to see our case for switching around your space this summer.

It’s a physical representation of change

Have you recently made a big change in your life—whether it be a new job, gym routine, or addition to the family?

Life is full of changes both big and small. Why not update your surroundings to reflect those changes? Periodically moving around a sofa, rotating your desk, or rethinking your sitting area can help you ensure that your home is as fresh and invigorating as the life that inhabits it.

Functionality matters

Of course, sometimes a furniture rearrangement can help you accomplish functional goals like a cleaner space or more room to work with. Is your beautiful sofa showing signs of sun fading from being by the window too long? Or have you not moved your bulky media center in ages, making it hard to clean under its weight? Whatever the issue may be, switching around your furniture (if only for a day) can help you solve it.

You’re not feeling inspired

Whether it’s an office, bedroom, kitchen or at-home studio, a room should—at the very least—inspire its occupants in some way. If you’re not feeling the inspiration, shifting your surroundings could open up a vista that you never before considered. It can make you see things in a whole new way, both visually and mentally… so it’s worth a try for those days when you feel like you’re stuck in a summertime slump.

You need a summertime boredom-buster

Of course, you never need a big reason to get creative with your furniture. There’s a reason it’s not all built in to your floors! On a rainy day when you’re not quite sure what to do, try moving even one piece (a desk, for example, or the orientation of your bed) to see where it takes you.

You might just find something better along the way

There’s more than one way to design a room—so who’s to say you got it perfectly the first time around? Embrace the potential of your space and try out a new layout, if only to discover an arrangement that works even better for you and your family.

Your custom Kargar home lets you design a quality foundation that’s built to last—but your furniture layout isn’t quite as permanent! We hope that today’s blog helps you see a new way to craft your surroundings whenever you feel the need for a change.

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