Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2019

Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 3:15PM

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2019

As a new year unfolds, now’s your chance to update décor in and around your custom home. Styles you’ve always wanted and ideas you’ve always thought of are well within reach. Plus, it’s easy to incorporate some of the hottest design styles while still remaining true to your unique vision, and the tastes and preferences of your loved ones.

You could create a theme for the year or choose seasonal decoration. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and content in your residence is the right decision. Use these suggestions to fully harness the adaptability of and possibilities in your custom home.

1) Streamlined Features

From concealed kitchens to secret rooms, sleek storage options, and more, 2019 is all about finding the balance between function and fashion. You want home décor that’s striking and elegant. At the same time, you crave home features that make your life easier.

Thankfully, there are many ways to accomplish both parts of this goal. For example, when you partner with an expert Ormond Beach home builder, you benefit from the decades of experience and skill these professionals provide. You might even glean new ideas and concepts not previously considered.

2) Bold Colors and Patterns

It’s the last year of the decade. Why not make a statement, and show your creative side while doing it? This year, animal prints are in. Dual-tone is also in style. This can be featured in everything from kitchen cabinets to bedroom walls, and more. In the living room, a large painting and wall art help to make a powerful statement.

In addition, more LPGA International homes today showcase colors that are eye-catching and create a mood. For example, bright oranges and yellows are reminiscent of the sun and can help brighten even the most overcast day. You don’t have to be beachside to incorporate ocean hues, including smooth blues, soft tans, muted greens, and more. 

Or, you could incorporate striking “colors of the year.” For 2019, Pantone likes living coral. Dulux prefers spiced honey. Of course, you’ll also embrace your own color and style preferences.

3) Wide Windows and Aesthetic Doors

Any REALTOR® will tell you that curb appeal remains massively important. Even if you don’t plan to sell, the pride of ownership you display by keeping your custom home in top shape will make a positive impact on visitors and neighbors alike.

This year, style experts say large windows with black matte frames will be all the rage. In addition, artistic doors demonstrate that creative and outgoing people live inside. When you work with trusted and reputable Daytona home builders, you get the peace of mind that your custom home is built to your exact desires and requirements.

4) Throwback Style   

A hold-over from 2018, experts say terrazzo will continue to be popular this year. Not just reserved for floors, many homeowners choose to incorporate this eye-catching element on the kitchen backsplash, as a stand-alone accent piece, and even in bathrooms. Another nod to the 1970s is wallpaper with intricate repeating patterns. Velvet furniture has also made a comeback.

Statement ceilings strive for a “best of both worlds” appeal. Paint a picture on the ceiling or feature a stand-out art piece to draw attention above. That’s the great thing about custom homes in Daytona Beach: you call the shots every step of the way. From floorplan to landscaping, right down to the smallest details, you get the comfortable, stylish, and elegant residence of which you’ve always dreamed.

5) Embracing Nature

For many people, sustainability and environmental stewardship have always been top of mind. That trend is growing in popularity as more homeowners search for ways to live comfortably while still keeping in mind the needs of a fragile climate and ecosystem. Thankfully, being earth-minded is easier than ever.

The process starts by teaming with a custom home builder with the skills and experience to craft stylish and elegant residences such as those you see in Plantation Bay homes and other desirable neighborhoods around Central Florida. For more than 30 years, Kargar Homes has delighted countless residents with the outstanding custom homes we’re able to create. Now’s your chance to finally get the living space you’ve always envisioned. As you mull Daytona homes for sale, consider the convenience and distinction of having a custom home built to your specific wants and needs. Contact us today to learn more about the process, and to how you could be living in a high-quality custom home of your own in no time. 

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