To Build New or Renovate?

Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 9:40AM

To Build New or Renovate?

In a world where there’s a DIY fix for everything, and renovation ideas are just as easy to come by, it can be hard to tell whether you should start anew… or stick around and improve the home you have.

While the answer, of course, depends on you, your family, and your unique situation, we can think of a few good reasons to take the fresh route with a custom home. Take a look below as we explore the benefits of this alternative to the constant remodel.

Location, location, location

This benefit is so big, we had to name it more than once!

It’s also first on our list, because it’s often the deciding factor when it comes to building fresh or remodeling your current home. The physical surroundings of your home are the one thing that no investment, DIY project or renovation can ever change. So if that’s where your dissatisfaction stems from, the custom route is definitely worth considering. It can take you where you want: to better schools, walkable amenities, the sports you love, a beautiful neighborhood… or, in the case of a Kargar home, all of these (and then some!).

A potentially better investment

A home built to custom perfection, with care and attention to detail at every step, is a good investment. Put it in a resort-style community like Plantation Bay or Centennial Park, and it’s a great one.

When you’re remodeling your current home, however, not every investment comes with that degree of certainty. Some renovation projects, like a master suite addition, are notoriously less-than-favorable for your bottom line, even though such an addition might make your home much more livable for you. So why not opt for the features you want anyway, in a home that’s sure to make the most of those investments?

A floorplan that’s right for you

Just like no amount of improvements can change your location, you’re relatively limited when it comes to altering your current home’s floorplan. Yes, there are room additions… and you can always take down a wall or two… but what if you need more space than your lot allows? Or your needs have changed and your current home’s stairs are more of a hindrance than a help? These are floorplan concerns that you can get right, the first time, in a custom home!

Still on the fence? Let us help! Call Kargar today to talk through your options and see how a custom-built home might be more realistic than you think.

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