The Benefits of Spare Square Footage

Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 9:40AM

The Benefits of Spare Square Footage

When designing your custom home, there’s no formula that helps you decide the perfect amount of square footage. But would it be nice if there were!

“Take number of people in household, multiply by 1.5, divide by number of pets, add desired number of bathrooms…”

Like we said, such a formula doesn’t exist. But if it did, we think it’d include a little wiggle room, a figure that accounts for more square footage than you may think you need. See all the ways in can come in handy in today’s blog!

Extra space can help with…


Want to open your home up to spontaneous dinner parties and impromptu get togethers? Integrating some extra space into your custom home doesn’t mean you have to become a host or hostess extraordinaire overnight, but it does mean that the option is always there!


If you’re the parent of a college-aged kid, you know that welcoming them home for the summer is a cherished experience... one that quickly highlights the need for some extra space. There’s a reason why many “empty nesters” still opt to include some extra space in the way of a spare room or in-law suite (like the Kargar Casita). It’s a great way to ensure that they always have a comfy place to call home, while eliminating the need for suitcase pileup in the rest of your home.

Visiting family

Future family visits are sure to happen, too. Want to leave some extra room for extended family, toddling grandkids, and other guests? A roomier home lets you extend that invitation without a second thought.

Future hobbies

Whether it’s painting, playing the guitar, practicing yoga or mastering your workout, you never know what pastime will strike your fancy next. Having some spare space on hand will provide you with a great way to practice whatever new hobby comes your way!

Personal projects

A spare room, den, or suite also makes it easier for you to pursue personal projects, like your very own business or that novel you’ve been waiting to write. 

Four-legged friends

Could a four-legged friend be in your future? Fido may not need his own room, but having extra space on hand will make it easier for you, your family, and your newest addition to coexist with ease. (Your bedroom might double as an office now, for example, but will it suffice so easily when Fido’s made it his own fur-covered domain?)

While your current needs may currently be met by “x” amount of square feet, including some extra (in the form of a guest bedroom, for example) can make all the difference down the line.

We here at Kargar are happy to help you find (or craft) the perfect floorplan for your family, now and in the future. Call or visit us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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