Spruce up Your Daytona Home’s Curb Appeal This May

Fri, May 01, 2015 at 12:45PM

April Shower’s brought our May flowers and the environment around your Daytona Beach home is blossoming. But don’t forget your curb appeal; it should be blossoming as well! Curb appeal for your home doesn’t only include a nice lawn and some flowers, but other features that make your house really pop. These small features will make the biggest difference when you come home each day.


  1. Entrance Area: The front entrance to your Daytona Beach home is one of the first impressions guests have, therefore, why not make it as beautiful as the inside.  There are tons of budget friendly ways to spruce up your front entrance such as a new coat of pain for the door, shutters, railings, or moldings.  Whether you are deciding to change the color or keep it the same, a fresh coat will make it look clean and brand new.  New coats of paint are a cheap and easy to do!
  2. Aesthetics: Depending on how spacious your front patio is rocking chairs, flowerpots, or decorative items are an easy way to provide some color and create and inviting look. Chairs also offer an extra area to relax outside. If you have windows next to your front door, adding decorative shades or changing the color or patterns for spring is a nice feature from the outside looking in.
  3. Out with the old: Replace old or broken items around the outside of your house such as number signs, mailboxes, and doorknobs. Whether you would like to buy new, make your own, or re-purpose old, changing out these small features are budget friendly and easy do yourself in order to to change the look of your house's exterior.
  4. Outdoor Lighting: Nothing is worse then walking up to a dark house as the sun goes down.  This spring, get some outdoor lighting for your front patio or the path leading to your door. Solar powered lights are a great way to save energy and money. You can place them in a simple row or a creative path depending on what your landscaping allows.
  5. Landscaping:  One thing that comes with our beautifully blossomed flowers are weed. This spring be sure to spruce up your flowerbeds and get rid of those weeds to create room for your beautiful flowers to stand out. Your flowerbeds aren't the only thing that can use some fixing. Your driveway and walkways could use a little TLC; Fill in the cracks and holes or lay down some new asphalt for a fresh, clean feel.


This May be sure to spruce up your homes curb appeal! Use our tips to get you started and let your creativity blossom! What else will you be doing to your home this spring?

Spruce up Your Daytona Home’s Curb Appeal This May

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