Shifting Trends in Luxury Homes

Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 9:00AM

When they’d hear the word “luxury” in the past, homebuyers would almost always think of large, grandeur, closed-off villas and more bedrooms than you’d know what to do with. Only the finest of materials would be used and there would be large, empty hallways throughout the home.

Today’s buyers are still just as interested in quality materials… but they might disagree on what makes a home truly lux. New trends (especially those brought on by recent economic changes) have homebuyers wanting a home that meets their needs. A big part of this lies in the number of rooms a home has. While the average family wouldn’t need the ten or twelve bedrooms, they still want customization and quality craftsmanship in the rooms they do have. This results in a more livable amount of bedrooms (higher numbers at around five or six) and plenty of bathrooms for hosting guests. So while today’s luxury home might have a less staggering room count, you can bet it’s more than made up for it in design, attention to detail, and other custom features.

Another factor of today’s luxury home is sustainability. This decade has seen a huge increase in environmental awareness, so it only makes sense that this trend would be reflected in savvy homebuyers’ decision-making. Not only do they get on board with the “green” initiative for the sake of bettering the world around them—they opt for green homes to prevent financial waste, too! A green home shows attention to detail and commitment to a thoroughly thought-out home.

As is expected, much of a home’s luxury comes from its impeccable devotion to design, and extra attention where it’s needed. This includes everything from a home’s flooring to its cabinetry and bathroom setup, or the implementation of automated features to make your home more you; customization is huge when it comes to buying and designing your dream home.

Of course, no house would be a home without a great location—and that’s something special! Amenities, ample outdoor space and proximity to entertainment or weekend getaways, for example, are huge parts of the decision to buy.

Does this newer definition of luxury appeal to you? Take a look at some of Kargar Homes’ models and find what your dream home looks like.

Shifting Trends in Luxury Homes

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