Our Guide to a Daytona Beach Staycation

Wed, May 04, 2016 at 4:46PM

Staying home for the summer? Don’t worry if an extravagant vacation abroad just isn’t in the cards—in fact, as a resident of Daytona Beach or the surrounding area, you couldn’t be in a better place to spend a summer at home! In today’s blog, we will be looking at several ways to make the most of your “staycation” at home.

Go backyard camping

If you want to experience the thrills of camping but can’t venture too far, consider a night of backyard camping! This is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Pitch a tent outside and bring the goodies—s’mores, snacks, drinks and scary stories—with you so that you aren’t running inside throughout the night. This breaking up of your everyday routine is a fun and memorable way to kick off your summer here in Daytona Beach.

Enjoy hotel living for a night or two

Prefer something a little more “hands-off” when it comes to overnight arrangements? Why not head to a beachside hotel or other favorite destination for a night or two? You can enjoy a family stay or some time alone—either way, you’ll be enjoying a bit of luxury and pampering without having to make any big travel plans, saving you time, money and stress.

Spend a day at the beach

Here in Daytona Beach, there’s so much to do on the coast—besides just swimming and sunbathing—that you can easily spend a whole day there. Grab breakfast on the go then spend a relaxing few hours lounging in the sand or splashing around in the water. Next, you can toss on your cover-up and enjoy lunch, shopping or a movie at a destination like Ocean Walk, where everything you want is just a few steps away.

Be a “tourist”

Throughout your staycation adventures here in Daytona Beach, be sure to put on your “tourist hat!” Make your experience feel like a true vacation by trying new things, stopping for souvenirs and soaking up the fun all the way through.

Visit a water park

Here in Daytona Beach, summer temperatures can get pretty high. What better way to cool off than with a family visit to your local water park? Daytona Lagoon comes to mind for this kind of fun—it’s a water park with laser tag, mini golf and even more fun activities to fill up a day or two!

Head to a state park

If you’re a longtime local resident, you might think you know the area inside and out—but there’s likely plenty you have yet to see! Nearby Tomoka or Blue Spring parks, for example, are natural getaways with plenty to do and see

Catch dinner and a show

All dressed up and looking for a place to go? Dinner and a show is a classic nighttime activity for vacationers, and it’s easy to enjoy on your staycation, too. Check to see what events or shows are going on at the Peabody Auditorium, and before to enjoy a tasty dinner beforehand.

Put work—and worries—on hold

Above all, resist the urge to tap into your email or work documents while enjoying your staycation. Home and the office may be close, but keep your work tasks separate from your time with family while out and about in Daytona Beach. You’ll enjoy your vacation much more, and you’ll be building meaningful memories that last.

Which of these ideas do you plan to try first? When the kids are out of school and you have some spare time, that’s when adventure starts—so get out there and explore everything you love about the area (and the things you might not have known about!).

Our Guide to a Daytona Beach Staycation

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