Our Best Tips for Tidy Cleanup Areas

Wed, May 27, 2015 at 5:05PM

It’s a common joke used to poke fun at clean-obsessed friends and family: they even try to clean their cleaning products! While that might sound absurd to most of us, we think there’s some merit to it—no, don’t go and start scrubbing down your Windex bottle with Clorox! But it might be smart to actively instill a sense of cleanliness in the spaces that we typically clean things in: our laundry rooms, mud rooms, scrub sinks and the bathroom cabinet storage that seems to collect all of the odds and ends of our cleaning routine. By making sure that these spaces are tidy, you can speed up the cleaning process and use your time in more fun, more productive ways.

So here we go… our best tips for keeping our cleanup areas clean!

Have a system. We put this tip first because it’s the most universal. Whatever the space is that you’re struggling to keep clean, it will definitely help to have a surefire system in place to make the cleaning process easier. For example, in the laundry room, you may want to start utilizing cabinet storage or color-coded bins (if you aren’t already) to keep the dirty clothes away from the clean, the whites away from the colors, and so on. Shop around in the home section of your favorite store—you’ll be able to find readymade solutions that will help you stick to your system!

Invest in smart storage. Like we just mentioned, creative storage solutions are your number-one ally in keeping a clean cleanup zone. These solutions can be bright, colorful and cheery decorative additions or simple organizers that can be stowed away, like cabinet caddies for your cleaning supplies. You may be tired of hearing it, but when there’s truly a place for everything and everything is in its place, you’ll immediately see the wonders that clever organization can do to your cleaning zone.

Scrub regularly. Keep your sink, mud room floor, and other easily-soiled areas as clean as possible, as often as possible. Taking a minute to scrub off some grime or wipe away dirt from the floor can mean the difference between a well-oiled cleanup zone and a mess in itself.

You’ll also want to be sure to replace your cleaning items regularly. Always have several backup sponges, paper towels, and gloves stowed away in your cleaning supplies area.

Follow the rule of singles. If you’re a parent, you’re probably very familiar with the number of excuses that can be used to explain why a spare pair of shoes, school backpack, or wet umbrella is left strewn across the front mud room floor. These things can add up to a big mess in the space that you use to keep things clean! Instill in your family the rule of singles: if something really needs to be left somewhere, make sure it’s one thing and not two, three or four. A pair of shoes? Maybe that’s fine—but a backpack, lunchbox and leftover laundry? That should be taken care of right away! Clearing up potential messes before they have a chance to act is a great way to keep your cleaning space tidy and running smoothly.

Our Best Tips for Tidy Cleanup Areas

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