Orange for Autumn: 6 Ways to Color Your Home This Fall

Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 11:25AM

Orange for Autumn: 6 Ways to Color Your Home This Fall

Does the arrival of autumn in your home coincide with a need for fresh, updated décor? If so, adding touches of a rich, autumn-inspired orange to your home might be just what you need to make the change. Below, take a look at our six ideas for how to use this color all season long (and beyond!).

Repaint your space

Sometimes, the very best way to use a new color is to simply add it to your walls! With the rich burnt-orange color traditionally associated with fall, this is definitely a great idea. Since orange is a social, energetic color, it will likely work best in spaces like your kitchen, dining room or living room, or even in small doses like your family breakfast nook. The end result will be an inviting, warmly-colored space you love.

Add thick, comfy throw blankets and pillows

Fall is all about thick, comfy textures, so why not incorporate autumn orange into pieces like throw blankets, thick overstuffed pillows, and more? You can layer these pieces over your sofa or on your bed for a comfy, luxurious feel all throughout the season.

Switch up your linens

While you’re switching out your blankets, do the same for other linens like your towels and tablecloths. These can be perfect spots for you to add a splash of fall color—so fill up your hall closet with autumn orange and other warm hues for a seasonal effect you’ll enjoy!

Pair orange with complementary pillows, bedding and wall décor

Even outside of the fall season, orange is a color that works well with others—especially rich blues and purples! If you already have these colors as part of your home’s overall décor scheme, adding small complements like an orange pillow, bedspread, or wall hanging can add a visually interesting effect to your space.

Welcome guests through your home’s entryway

Nothing says “warm welcome” quite like a splash of orange in your home’s entryway, so add an orange welcome mat or front hallway runner to usher guests into your home this fall.

Add a warm floral touch

Flowers give you an easy way to add color and flair to your space, no matter what time of year it is. In the fall, your best bet might be to add a warm floral touch with an orange and red-toned arrangement in your home office or on your kitchen countertop.

Which of these colorful ideas do you plan to try this fall? Let us know below!

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