Optimizing the Great Outdoors

Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 5:20PM

Optimizing the Great Outdoors

Looking for your go-to entertainment destination? The great outdoors are calling—and you don’t need a camping tent or lawn chair to enjoy the view.

In today’s blog, we will be sharing a few of our favorite ways to spruce up your Kargar home’s outdoor space for the holiday season and beyond. Take a look to find design inspiration for your own space!

Liven up your space

One of the first steps in optimizing your outdoor space, is to liven it up with luxury touches. Add an outdoor speaker for effortless, on-demand entertainment, or mount your TV for an easy way to catch the big game or your favorite show… from the pool, patio, or your backyard. The great outdoors provide the perfect backdrop to it all.

Take advantage of the Floridian landscape

Your Daytona Beach backyard is no ordinary outdoor space—it’s one that looks amazing, and is easy to enjoy, even in the midst of winter. Take advantage of its unique features! String up lights around the palm tree, hang up a hammock, and embrace the tropical allure of your outdoor space.

Create a cozy atmosphere

Of course, even with our year-round warmth, we can still enjoy a sense of coziness outdoors! In your Kargar home’s courtyard, for example, you can add curtains to the patio area for an airy, elegant look that feels great on cool winter nights. The addition of a fire pit or outdoor fireplace is also sure to please, making your space a center of fun, family and socializing all season long.

Get creative with your lighting

Lit only by the moon above, your outdoor space can use some creative lighting solutions come nighttime. One easy, whimsical way to do this is to add floating light orbs (in multiple colors) to your pool’s surface, there to add a gentle glow to your family dinners and spirited get togethers. 

Have dinner outdoors—for no reason at all

Your outdoor space can be the center of entertainment… but it’s not just good for parties. The best memories are often made on those unsuspecting weeknights, the casual barbecues or patio picnics that arise just for the fun of it. With an outdoor kitchen, these impromptu affairs are easier than ever to enjoy.

Cooler weather and clearer skies make your pool and patio easier than ever to enjoy. Follow these steps to a space that’s custom-crafted for outdoor entertainment you’ll love.

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