One-Day Projects We Love

Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 4:51PM

One-Day Projects We Love

Rome wasn’t built in a day—but as far as home design goes, these projects are much less complex! In today’s blog, we will be sharing five of our favorite one-day projects to do this holiday season. They can help you get your home ready for the holidays, make it cozier for visiting friends and family, or simply establish a look you love that lasts all year long.

Create a family-friendly entertainment spot

The holiday season ahead is all about spending time with family—and this project will give you a great spot to do just that. To create a family-friendly entertainment spot, identify what’s missing (whether it be a comfy spot to sit, or an easy way to watch your favorite shows and movies) and go from there! You might add a projector screen to your family room wall, for example, or (using novelty chalkboard paint) devote one patch of your space to a chalkboard zone where kids can doodle, play games and have fun all season long.

Deck out an empty wall

If a key wall in your home is looking a bit bare, you can deck it out in décor pieces or photos that suit your style. You might arrange a cluster of family photos into a unique shape, for example, or even frame your child’s artwork for a unique and playful feel family and friends are sure to appreciate.

Repaint your space

For a larger change, consider repainting an entire room. If a certain color has not aged well in your home, breathe new life into those walls by adding a coat of paint that makes a statement. Whether your paint tones down the overall look of a visually busy space, or adds a much-needed pop of brightness, this new paint color will serve as the backdrop for family fun and memories all season long.

Spruce up your outdoor lighting

Is outdoor entertaining on the agenda? If so, devote a day (or, more likely, a few hours) to transforming your outdoor lighting. Even if it’s too early for holiday lights, you can still make an impact by adding glowing lanterns to your pool or framing your space with multi-season string lights in a neutral white shade. This will create a welcome change in ambiance that friends and family are sure to enjoy.

Design a new dining room

Your dining room is a key player during the season ahead, so why not spend a day making it look and feel its best? That might mean switching out your table, adding new curtains to your dining room window, or surrounding the space with colorful accents that make dining and entertaining in that space a little more fun.

We hope that these projects bring you one step closer to accomplishing your dream home. When you enlist the help of family, these projects become a little less mundane, and a lot more like the holiday fun you’ve been looking for!


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