National Gardening Exercise Day

Fri, Jun 05, 2015 at 9:05AM

Do you have a green thumb… and a gym habit? Put them together for a great backyard work out! In honor of National Gardening Exercise Day on June 6th, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common tasks you’ll do in your yard or garden this summer—and how they can help you burn calories stay in shape, and have fun at the same time.

We visited to collect all of our calorie counts.

  • Even without doing any of the real “work” yet, your afternoon of gardening is off to a great start just by gathering your supplies and preparing your space! Walking around and getting your tools together can burn 34 calories in just 15 minutes; that’s 136 calories in an hour. You can burn the same amounts by picking vegetables from your garden that are ready to eat.
  • Do you have pesky weeds growing in your garden or driveway? They may be a big nuisance, but getting rid of them definitely isn’t one! You can burn 60 calories by weeding for 15 minutes—about 240 calories for an hour.
  • It’s about that time of year when keeping a well-manicured lawn is more important than ever! You can burn 77 calories for 15 minutes of mowing while pushing a standard power mower. If you have lots of green space, you can expect to burn over 300 calories for an hour of mowing.
  • Stone pathways are so popular because the work that goes into designing them shows through. If you’re laying crushed stone for your own garden or backyard path, you’ll be able to burn 68 calories for just 15 minutes of activity. General gardening tasks like digging, spading or composting will allow you to burn the same amount.
  • If you plan on planting trees, shrubs or seedlings to beautify your backyard this summer, you’ll be able to get a substantial work out in as well! Planting can help you burn 60 calories in 15 minutes, and almost 240 for an hour’s worth of work.
  • It’s finally summer, and overgrown branches just aren’t cutting it anymore. When you trim your shrubs and trees, you can burn 60 calories an hour—and achieve the polished look your landscaping needs!
  • Few activities—in or out of the gym—can burn as many calories as chopping wood, mowing your lawn with a hand mower, or tilling your garden with power tools (340 calories an hour for each). Of course, you can burn the same amount by shoveling snow… although we can’t quite do that here in Florida!
  • Not every gardening task burns an enormous amount of calories, but every one definitely does add up! For example, watering the plants in your garden for 15 minutes can help you burn nine calories. That may not seem like much… but by repeating tasks like this over time (and pairing them with bigger jobs), you’re well on your way to a great exercise routine. And you don’t even need to join a gym to do it!
National Gardening Exercise Day

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