Making the Most of Your Closet

Wed, Sep 02, 2015 at 10:50AM

In all of our Kargar homes, we work to provide you with the best and roomiest closets available—but for some homeowners, there can never be enough space! We understand that. So if you’re struggling to find space or better organization for a closet in your home, think about one of the following ideas.

Take advantage of unused space

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your closet is not taking advantage of every last inch of space. Assess your closet for empty areas where you can utilize extra storage. For example, the space below your hanging clothes is a perfect spot to place a shoe rack or extra shelf that can hold t-shirts, bags, belts and other miscellaneous items. Adding drawer organizers or dividers to your closet’s built in storage to maximize the space you have to work with. Finally, if shoes are taking up too much space on your closet’s floor, you can always use a hanging shoe organizer to free up some valuable square footage.

Extend the power of your hangers

If you have an overload of hanging clothes, don’t feel like you need to stick with the traditional hanger set up. There are ways you can maximize the power of your hangers without needing extra closet space. You can pick up hanger add-ons that will allow you to hang five times the clothes on just on hanger. There are also special multi pant hangers that will allow you to hang up three or four pairs of jeans where you would otherwise only be able to store one. These simple and inexpensive additions can make your closet less cluttered and easier to sort through on busy weekday mornings.

Use unconventional organizers

If you’re stumped for closet organization ideas, you may need to think outside the box. Instead of shopping in the home goods aisle, look for other helpful organizers (some of which you may already have on hand!).

Look at a standard over the door shoe holder (the plastic or canvas kind that has multiple pockets for your flats). You can, of course, use this handy device to store your shoe collection—but if you need a place to keep jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, socks and other closet staples, it can work just as well!

Your kitchen may also be a source of great organization potential. A traditional spice rack can serve as a holder for miscellaneous items that find their way into your closet or vanity area, such as perfumes, lotions and other items. Another great organizer traditionally found in the kitchen: a silverware organizer! These organizers typically come in plastic or wood and have compartments that can store small, easy to lose items such as earrings, socks, spare buttons and clothes straps.

As you can see, there is a wealth of organizational opportunities for your closet that are inexpensive and easy to find. Keep an eye on other possible organizers as you walk through your home—you may be surprised to find other great tools as well!

Making the Most of Your Closet

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