Lighting Ideas for Daytona Homes

Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 4:10PM

By this point, your summertime decorating is probably in full swing—but how much thought have you put into your outdoor lighting options? To many of us, anything beyond a porch light outdoors screams “holidays,” but that doesn’t have to be the case! You can light up your outdoors, while still staying true to the season, with these fun ideas.

Pathfinders: Sometimes adding a light element to your outdoor landscape is a style choice… but others, it’s a downright necessity! If the entry to your house includes a not-so-well-lit set of stairs or walkway, you’ll want to use several solar powered lights to light the way for your guests.

DIY decorative lights: Do you plan on entertaining this summer? Whether you’re throwing a backyard pool party or dinnertime get-together, you can get creative with your lighting using materials you probably already have. Battery-powered tea lights on their own can add an elegant ambiance to your outdoor table—place them in wine glasses or short glass vases for an even more unique look!

For another fun idea, you can place those same tea lights in mason jars and place them on and around your patio table. You can also decorate these mason jars with colorful tissue paper on the outside to bring color to your yard.

Orbs: Big, white and spherical, plug-in orbs of light are a creative way to light up your patio… of course, without looking like a holiday wonderland! Place these orbs (which you can purchase wherever you’d find string and other outdoor lights) at the foot of trees or to the side of your patio table.

Pool lights: If you have a backyard pool, you already know that it’s going to play a major part in your summertime entertaining. Kids and adults alike will love the fun touch water-friendly pool lights add to summer nighttime swims. There is a variety of lighting options you can look into for your pool, from more permanent ones like LED laminar jets to toss-in floating lanterns, balls and others. You can get more information on pool lighting from our exclusive pool builders, Extreme Pools.

Party lights: Whether you’re throwing a party tonight or just want your backyard to look like you are, lights generally made for parties (in the shapes of tiny paper lanterns, ice cream cones, drinks… you get the idea) are perfect to hang above your patio, no matter what your plans are for the night.

New fixtures: The most impactful lighting might just be the most fundamental! Consider updating the recessed or fan lighting in your outdoor entertaining space—chances are your current bulbs could use an update that’s brighter, more colorful, or cooler burning.

Simple strings: Who said string lighting is strictly reserved for the holiday season? When done in small doses, simple string lighting can be fun and summery. Hang up this type of lighting on the base of your backyard palm trees, above your patio entertaining area, or on the underside of your patio umbrella for a unique look.

Lighting isn’t just about looks—the right kind can make your outdoor entertaining space feel like a comfortable extension of your home! Let us know what your favorite summer lighting ideas are.

Lighting Ideas for Daytona Homes

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