Kid’s Room Organization: Our Best Tips

Fri, Aug 14, 2015 at 10:29AM

If your child or toddler is an active ball of energy, their room probably shows it! Our children’s rooms or play spaces can get cluttered especially easy whenever playtime rolls around—but there is something you can do to help keep these spaces clean (at least for a little while!). Here are a few tips that can do the trick:

Use child-friendly solutions

One of the most important things to remember about organization for your child’s room is to stick to child-friendly solutions. Furniture and storage pieces should be sturdy and free of all the bells and whistles we love in our own furniture, such as ornamental hardware or unique structural designs. Furniture in your child’s room should be simple and no-fuss, the perfect type for young children who want to play with everything!

Maximize your storage space

Ideally, your child’s room should have more space for sleep and play—and sometimes, that means cutting out big dressers and wall units from the room’s setup. You can instead look for built-in storage options, or multipurpose ones—like under-bed toy bins, a play table and bench that doubles as an activity chest, etc.

Keep storage low to the ground

Part of designing a child’s room means making it functional for them. Big, towering wall units are tempting to kids who want to get their hands on every toy in sight—plus, you don’t really need to build that high! Keep the most-used toys where kids can grab them so they never feel the need to climb (or whine) for a favorite toy. As a bonus, making toys easy to access also means making them easy to put away.

Sort out and label toys

You probably remember having a toy chest or two when you were younger—but if your child has a large supply of toys, art supplies and other items, you’ll definitely want to sort them out and label each category to keep things neat and organized. You can use cubbies in a low shelving unit to distinguish each type of toy or activity from another—one for coloring supplies, one for toy cars, and so on. Using a simple label system also makes cleanup easier for you and your child; young children especially can benefit from comprehending and associating the contents of a cubby with its label.

Make organization normal… and fun

 The best thing you can do to make organization a regular task is to treat it like one! Avoid leaving cleanup for the end of the day or couple of days—instead, encourage your child to put away toys once they’re done and to always be accountable for the toys they decide to take out. Putting away toys as they’re used can prevent a big mess from piling up later on!

In addition to regularly tidying up, you can also try to make organization and cleanup fun for your child. Play a game to see who can put away the most crayons, for example, or cover storage bins in chalkboard paint that allow your child to decorate and label themselves. These small steps can instill a healthy sense of responsibility and appreciation in your child… and what more could you want from a cleanup routine?

Kid’s Room Organization: Our Best Tips

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