Kid’s Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Sun, Apr 02, 2017 at 6:05PM

Kid’s Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Springtime is upon us and everything’s changing: the weather, the trees, the fashion. If your child’s bedroom look makes that list of changes, don’t worry—we have a few fun makeover ideas to help you pull it off!

Take a look at today’s blog to see our favorite ways to craft a new kid’s bedroom space.

Identify what needs to be changed

If your child is asking for a room makeover, you may be stressed at approaching the big project—but before you stress, try to answer this simple question: what’s creating the need for a change?

More often than not, there will be one or two aspects that are interfering with the style or functionality of a space. For example, an out-of-date color; an old bed that’s not the right size; a once-loved wallpaper whose appeal has worn with the years. Talk to your child and see how changing these features might make the room more livable, or at least easier to work with!

Make room for changing interests…

It’s a fact of life: tastes change! Just as you may prefer coastal décor one year and then a more cottage-inspired style the next, your child is sure to go through phases of what they like, too. You can actually plan ahead for these changes so that whenever they get a new “favorite” show/book/movie/hobby, their room can change accordingly—without being a massive undertaking. For example, dedicate a space on their wall to posters that can be switched in and out throughout the years, or a shelf dedicated to bobble heads, knick-knacks, and little figurines that reflect their current interests.

…but invest in perennial picks

Some things, of course, you can count on. You know your child will always need a dresser, a bookshelf, and maybe a comfy study spot, so spend some time picking out those essential pieces. When you’re in the process of making over your child’s room, you can pick out these long-lasting features while encouraging your child to help with simpler additions (a comforter set, window valance, etc.).

Don’t be afraid to go dark

Conventional children’s spaces are bright and airy—so no one can blame you for straying away from dark paint colors! However, if your child is looking for a dramatic change, don’t be afraid to opt for choices that are traditionally out of your color comfort zone. You can make dark colors more livable, for example, by implementing them in the form of unique surfaces (like chalkboard paint on an accent wall for easy doodling fun, or dark wood furniture complemented by brighter paint colors).

Kids are known to change their preferences often. Fortunately, with these ideas, you’ll be able to accomplish a bedroom space that suits them now and later down the line.

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