Kargar’s Tips for a Beachy-Keen Halloween

Sun, Oct 01, 2017 at 10:05AM

Kargar’s Tips for a Beachy-Keen Halloween

Looking for an unexpected way to celebrate Halloween this year? Take your party to the beach!

A spooky celebration inspired by the best of local sun, surf, and sand is one of the best ways to enjoy Halloween from your Daytona Beach home. Take a look at today’s blog as we share a few of our favorite ways to do just that!

Take your costume to shore…

Visiting the beach on Halloween? Whether you head over for sunbathing or to browse through your favorite oceanfront shops, you can make the experience that much more festive by donning costume accents along the way. Slip on your pirate patch, or drape your superhero cape over your swimsuit as an easy beach coverup.

… or try an ocean-inspired look

Alternatively, if you’re sticking inland this Halloween, you can opt for an ocean-inspired look to incorporate the spirit of the sea into your celebration. You can try anything from a mermaid to sailor to a tried and true classic, the pirate!

“Carve” a new kind of pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is undeniably fun… but if you find that the process is a little too messy for your taste, you can take your talents to the beach where sculpting your annual Jack-o-lantern offers a fun twist on the holiday tradition. Be sure to snap a few photos before the tide comes in!

Get to know a local ghost story

Ghost stories and spooky tales aren’t just for the storied towns of New England! Here in Daytona Beach, we’ve got a few of our own. Head over to the Lilian Place Historic House (between the beach and the Halifax River) for a tour in the weeks leading up to Halloween, and keep an eye out for “Lucille,” the home’s legendary ghost!

Enjoy fall flair… with an added twist

Finally, when it comes time to decorate your space for Halloween, enjoy fall flair with a twist! Incorporate a beachy element into your décor by wrapping orange and purple lights around your backyard palm trees, or tossing spooky-themed floats into your pool for a truly Floridian touch.

Here in Florida, we might not have ghostly trees and an abundance of fallen leaves… but we’d argue our year-round backdrop of sunshine and palm trees is just as worthy of a Halloween celebration! We hope that today’s blog helps you enjoy the day with your family and friends.

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