Kargar’s Guide to a Perfect Outdoor Thanksgiving

Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 4:52PM

Kargar’s Guide to a Perfect Outdoor Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Are you in the midst of planning your biggest family feast yet? Here’s a fun idea—try hosting it outdoors!

There’s no better place than your Florida home to host a holiday dinner outdoors (and it’s sure to be seen as a special treat by friends and family visiting from up north!). In today’s blog, we will be sharing a few easy tips and ideas for hosting an outdoor dinner to remember.

Check the weather

Weather is, of course, the determining factor in whether or not you can host your dinner outdoors. While you can count on local weather to traditionally be dry and mild at this time of year, it always helps to check the forecast closer to Thanksgiving. Keep an eye on what’s predicted for the day, and use that information to guide your decisions.

Work with your outdoor layout

Everyone’s got a different outdoor space—use yours to its fullest potential! If you have a big, expansive backyard, you might consider renting a table and setting it in the grass itself for a unique dining experience. If you prefer to keep things closer to the patio, you can take advantage of spots like a pass-through outdoor counter, dining table or even coffee table to anchor your entertaining in that area. You can always add foldable tables and chairs to accommodate larger crowds, if necessary.

Remember décor, but keep it simple

Remember, this is Thanksgiving! Set the atmosphere by decking out your space in warm string lights, colorful place arrangements, a festive fall tablecloth, and more. You can even use a centerpiece like a pumpkin, glowing lantern or cornucopia flower arrangement. The key here is to avoid items blowing away in the wind (as is often the case with outdoor get-togethers), so keep décor items on the simpler side and, when necessary, use small rocks or other objects to weigh down especially flighty pieces.

Consider a new dining style to suit your crowd

Your extravagant approach to dinner indoors might differ from what you do outdoors—and that’s okay! Consider a new dining style that might be more suited to an outdoor event, such as a potluck dinner (where guests bring sides and desserts to supplement the main course), or a buffet that family and friends can choose from before taking their plates outside.

Take advantage of your outdoor kitchen…

If your Kargar home is equipped with an outdoor kitchen, now is the time to use it! Even if you prepared your main dishes indoors, you can always use your kitchen to keep drinks cool, reheat sides, and stock up on popular snacks for before or after dinner.

…and your surroundings

Because you’ll be dining “al fresco,” you have your entire backyard as a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your meal. Use this to your advantage, and have fun by letting kids play games before dinner or showcasing your backyard garden oasis.

Have a contingency plan in place

Of course, surprises happen! If the weather takes a sudden turn, or other factors keep you from enjoying the dinner you envisioned, have a plan to head back inside and continue your meal.

We hope that these tips make your Thanksgiving a memorable one. Share your photos and stories with us below, and have a very happy holiday!


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