Indoor-Outdoor Entertaining: Our Guide to a Seamless Get-Together

Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 10:30AM

During the summer months, your parties and family get-togethers aren’t always going to stay indoors—and for those moments when the party starts to overflow outside, you want to be prepared! In today’s blog, we will be looking at several ways to streamline your indoor-outdoor entertainment by making the most of both spaces.


Centralize your dining


If you’re hosting an indoor-outdoor party, you can count on guests passing between your home and patio from time to time—however, you can cut down on the amount of trips they need to take by centralizing your food, drinks and other basic dining necessities. Keep all things food either indoors or in your outdoor kitchen area to give guests an easy place to find what they’re looking for.


Where you keep all the food depends, of course, on the day’s weather and other logistics. Check to see if rain, pollen or other deterrents are expected and plan accordingly.


Simplify your exit and entry spots


To make those trips in and out a little bit easier on you and your guests, put some consideration into your exit and entry spots—whether they be sliding glass doors or French doors that open onto your patio. If you want to simplify movement but want to keep out pests and outdoor debris, you can use magnetic door meshes that open and close automatically when someone walks through. You can also opt to keep one pair of doors open for easy access, as long as any pets or young kids are accounted for throughout your get-together.


Keep the pests away


During your get-together, you’ll want to ensure that your guests outdoors are comfortable while also preventing unwanted pests from making their way indoors. To accomplish this, you can use citronella and other natural repellents around your pool, plants and outdoor space. And of course, as always, be sure to keep potential pest attractants like full trash bins away from your entertaining space.


Keep the fun flowing


To maximize the laughs and conversation going on both indoors and out, find ways to keep the fun flowing! You can use indoor-outdoor speakers to play your favorite music in all of your entertaining spaces. If it’s a family-style party, lay out board games and party favors inside and out so that everyone—no matter where they happen to sit down—is surrounded by fun and great company.


We hope that these ideas help you host the summer get-together you and your family have been dreaming of. With the luxury features of your Kargar home—both inside and out—you’re already well-equipped to enjoy your time with loved ones to the fullest.

Indoor-Outdoor Entertaining: Our Guide to a Seamless Get-Together

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