Hot and Cold: Decorating with Complementary Colors in Your Daytona Beach Home

Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 6:05PM

Hot and Cold: Decorating with Complementary Colors in Your Daytona Beach Home

This spring, it’s time to integrate hot and cold into your home—not temperature wise (which we’re sure you will want to be as cool as possible!) but in terms of the shades you color your space with.

While it’s no secret that complementary colors like blue and orange bring out the best in each other, it can sometimes be puzzling on how to best incorporate them into your space. To clear up the color confusion, take a look at today’s blog, as we explore the best uses of complementary colors.

Warm up cool rooms

One of the most obvious benefits of pairing together complementary colors is the chance to warm up (visually and, in a way, physically) a generally “cool” space (that is, one that features lots of blue!).

Our eyes like to see contrast—it makes any room more interesting and multi-dimensional. And, of course, the pairing of colors that mesh so well together (like blue and orange, purple and yellow, etc.) shows some added attention to detail that will breathe insightful design into any space.

But it’s not all about a visual improvement. Warmer-toned additions (even if they’re small, in the form of a few pillows or a decorative accent table) can actually balance out the cool effects of a space. For those of us who can’t get enough of blue hues, this is a way to preserve your love of cooler colors without letting them overwhelm a room or make it feel too clinical or moody.

Of course, the same holds true in reverse—you can cool down a warm space (one that’s primarily orange, yellow, or similar colors) by adding pops of cooler colors. Since blue shades have been shown to make us feel more relaxed and at ease, this is the perfect way to keep your warm-toned rooms from becoming too stifling.

Add a whimsical touch to kids’ spaces

Sometimes, colors on opposite ends of the color wheel—when put together—have a special sense of whimsy to them. Take, for example, purple and yellow; it’s not a very common pairing (at least not compared to other color duos), but it excels as a fun burst of livelihood in kids’ spaces, bathrooms, and other spots where you can do with an extra bit of flair.

Go for an international look

Internationally-inspired design schemes, such as the Moroccan style, often make use of bold, complementary colors. If your design motto is “go big or go home,” you can’t go wrong by pairing together rich ocean blues with vibrant orange or terra cotta for a look that’s inspired by homes and textiles from overseas.

We hope that today’s blog helps you add a splash of vivid color to your Kargar home this spring. Share your own ideas with us in the comments below!

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