Hosting a Garden Party in Your Central Florida Home

Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 1:40PM

Hosting a Garden Party in Your Central Florida Home

What better way to celebrate a sunny summer day than with a garden party, right outside your own home?

If “garden party” alone evokes ideas of a posh gathering on the English countryside, don’t worry—this kind of get-together can be as casual, laidback, and fun as you want it to be! Take a look at today’s blog for a few of our best ideas for throwing one.

Pick your setting

Don’t focus too much on the “garden” aspect of a garden party. This kind of gathering can be enjoyed in any open-air space: yes, including your garden, but also your backyard, patio, or even your home’s courtyard overlooking the pool.

As far as time of day goes, your garden party can make sense at either end of the day—mid-morning, when brunch fare can be enjoyed, or maybe later in the day, as the sun starts to descend toward the horizon. Either option will provide you with some welcome protection from the sun’s strongest rays.

Craft an outdoor-friendly menu

Depending on your party’s level of formality, you may opt for finger foods (muffins, kebabs, small and dainty sandwiches, etc.) or more elaborate meals on your outdoor dining table. Either way, your Kargar home’s outdoor kitchen can help you craft a menu that’s sure to satisfy.

As an additional tip, using your outdoor ceiling fan and surrounding your space with a few strategically-placed citronella candles can help keep bugs away from the fun and food.

Create an ambiance with music

The right music can set the perfect ambiance for your outdoor gathering. Use outdoor speakers to play whatever you’d like—but if you’re trying to stay true to the traditional side of garden parties, you cannot go wrong with classic instrumentals or easy listening picks.

Dress your space with flowers

Even if you do decide to host your garden party on the patio, you can still enjoy the beauty and fragrance of floral designs. Bring in a few potted plants to frame your space to add color and contribute to a pleasant, easygoing atmosphere.

Opt for fuss-free place settings

When setting up the dining space, keep place settings light and simple—maybe just a dish and rustic mason jar for drinks—so that your guests can enjoy their meal sitting down, or maybe pick it up to soak up the view on another side of your space. It’s the flexibility of a party unconstrained by walls!

When it comes to entertaining, your Kargar home is equipped to handle it all—inside and out! We hope that today’s blog helps you enjoy your home’s exterior to the fullest all summer long.

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