Happy Holidays! DIY Decor for Your Kargar Home

Thu, Dec 04, 2014 at 11:30AM

We’re finally in that season of giving, decorating, baking and throwing parties. It can get hectic, but all that fun doesn’t have to cost you precious time with the family! Try out these do-it-yourself decor ideas to spruce up your home and get the whole family involved in an activity together.

Photo wreath

A photo wreath is a simple but meaningful way to display your family’s most important memories. Just arrange your photos in a wreath shape on a wall or above your mantle—the “wreath” can be any size you want, just make sure that it’s distinguishable by evenly spacing out the photos. Stick them to wall with wall tape or sticky strips. The photos can be anything you want—from cherished family moments to pictures of Christmas past.

Makeshift snow globes

You don’t need any fancy materials for this simple craft. Gather up some mason jars, fake snow and small holiday figures (like pine trees or warmly-clad carolers)—all of which can be found at your local art supply store. Anticipating the jar will be displayed top-down, attach your figures with glue to the jar’s lid. Spread some fake snow or glitter to the sides of the jar and, right before you close the lid, add in some more. When you turn the jar on its top, the figures will be displayed upright and there will be freshly-fallen “snow” on the ground. While you can add water and glycerin to make it a “real” snow globe, the dry version is just as cute and there’s no risk of spilling!

Paper Mache ornaments

This is another great activity for young kids. Form the paper mixture (paper, water and a starch) into ornament-sized balls (they won’t be perfect, but that’s OK). Let them dry with hooks attached and, once dried, paint with kids’ craft paint. These are one-of-a-kind crafts that can be a part of your family Christmas tree for years to come.

Fancy letters

We often see fancy word displays at home decor stores—spelling out holiday phrases like “joy to the world” or simple words like “hope” and “cheer”—but instead of just picking a premade display up, try making your own! You can do this in a variety of ways. Paint some store bought wooden letters and place them on your mantle or hang them on the wall. For a more crafty touch, punch letters out of felt and let the kids decorate.

Happy Holidays! DIY Decor for Your Kargar Home

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