Getting Smart about the Utility Costs for Daytona Homes

Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 9:00AM

If you’re moving somewhere new, you already know to expect changes: changes at work, school, among your family and friends. It’s also guaranteed that your budget will be switched around as well. To lessen the burden of such an extreme change, follow these simple tips and get an idea of what your new home’s utility costs will look like. The following advice applies to all moving homeowners, including new owners of Daytona Beach homes.

First, you can try to find out what the previous homeowners were paying. You can usually talk to the utility company—they won’t give you the actual bill, but they can probably share monthly or yearly costs. You can also talk to the landlord, who might have an estimate of the bill to give you or can talk tothe departing residents for you.

Don’t forget to take advantage of a free energy audit! A private auditor can perform one for you—it involves scanning the home for potential sources of inefficiency (weak insulation, for example) and offering solutions. While you won’t get an actual price estimate, you will learn how to lower the utility bill before moving in.

You can use online tools to get an estimate. The Home Energy Saver ( is a free, government-operated service where you can plug in information about the house and those living in it to get a clear idea of energy costs. You can also use this website to learn about tax breaks for energy-efficient homes!

Getting Smart about the Utility Costs for Daytona Homes

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