Get a Head Start with Christmas in July

Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 1:35PM

Get a Head Start with Christmas in July

You never need an excuse to kick back with milk and cookies… or to give a gift to someone you love. Christmas in July provides one anyway!

There are many attractive aspects of celebrating the holiday spirit in the heat of summer. One of our favorites? Getting a head start on the holiday hoopla that’s sure to come in a few short months.

In today’s blog, we will be exploring a few easy ways to get your home and family ready for the holidays this summer—so that when they do finally arrive, you’re free to enjoy them with ease! Just take a look below.

Sort out your décor storage

For many families, the holidays haven’t officially started until lights are strung around the tree and a wreath is hung from the door. If your holiday décor is less than organized, now might be the best time to sort it all out before the holiday scramble truly begins. One great project is to clean out your garage and find holiday stragglers—random light sets, mismatched décor pieces, etc.—and find a handy storage bin or two (maybe in a nice holiday red) to keep them together and easily accessible.

This will also help you take stock of what you have and what you may need for December, so that you can really be sure whether or not you need a new pack of ornaments or plastic rooftop reindeer.

Pick out a gift or two

While holiday shopping can be stressful, summertime shopping is a little less so. Because there’s not an impending occasion calling all kinds of shoppers to the mall, you get to enjoy somewhat of a more relaxed experience as you meander around the mall or your favorite outdoor shopping plaza. Florida’s got a lot of both!

It can also be fun to pick out souvenir-style gifts for family and friends who don’t live nearby. While you may not choose a unique seashell gift or Florida t-shirt for yourself (considering that the beach is practically your backyard), these gifts can bring a bit of the vacation spirit to your holiday gift exchange.

Try a new recipe

If your favorite part of the holiday season is the food, you’re not alone! Christmas in July gives you a welcome reason to head to the kitchen and try out a few test recipes—for the purpose, of course, of better planning your holiday menu. But with each sweet treat you concoct (from pecan sandies to luxurious layer cakes), you’ll have a delicious reward for your efforts.

December’s set to be a breeze when you can check off so many items ahead of schedule! We hope that today’s blog helps you prep for the holidays, all while enjoying a sense of seasonal sentimentality in the midst of July.

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