Fresh Ideas for your Daytona Spare Room

Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 9:20AM

One of the biggest advantages of a Kargar home is the spaciousness you feel when you move into one. Not many homes can offer our amounts of rooms with the same level of luxury. But if you find that you have one too many rooms for your family, or are stumped for ideas for what to do with your spare room, you can try one of these space-conscious ideas for your next renovation project.

Art studio: This is a dream for many of us that often takes the back burner to make space for more practical needs. If you do have a spare space on your hands, turning it into an art studio or more general creative space with a spot to write or draw in could be just what you’ve been missing. This type of room is especially apt for spaces with lots of natural light to inspire creativity. It’s also a low-cost transformation—just ad a work desk, an easel or whatever supplies you’ve been stashing to make it your own.

Home theater: While this option is a bit more costly and permanent than others, it’s an investment you’ll appreciate for years to come. Lux, cozy seating options and a new screen will make this room the spot to entertain. This type of room works best in a windowless space, like a cozy den, but you can always add blackout curtains to decrease the natural lighting.

Library: No matter your occupation, family size or individual needs, a home library is sure to benefit your everyday life. Turn your spare room into one with the addition of tall shelf units that you’ll pile with books, new and old. You can keep this space bright and airy or opt for a cozier feel that you can complement with lamps. However you do it, a home library doesn’t require too much more than some shelves, a place to sit, and all the books you’ve been storing out of the way.

Home gym: Do you ever struggle with getting to the gym or meeting your workout goals? Having an in-home gym can take away the problem of getting there and make it easier to get fit. Satisfy a healthy lifestyle by adding a few machines, a weights corner and other features.

Game room: What does entertainment mean to you? If your ideal game room is comprised of a flat-screen TV and plenty of video games, you can change your spare room to accommodate that. If it’s a pool or card table and more old-fashioned fun that most interests you, that’s also easy to do. Make this room a place to entertain and get away from everyday tasks for a bit of fun!

Fresh Ideas for your Daytona Spare Room

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