Dressing Up Your Driveway: 4 Smart Tips

Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 10:29AM

Your Kargar home starts out with a large, elegant driveway laid with concrete pavers and designed to suit your everyday needs—but how you dress up that driveway is up to you! The time, landscaping and maintenance you put into your driveway can greatly benefit the overall look and feel of your home. Below, we’re looking at four ways to ensure that your driveway (and the surrounding area) is always looking its best.


Keep it clean


The first and most important step in dressing up your driveway is to give it a good, clean foundation. Regular cleanings can keep your driveway looking its best—use a brush or broom to gently remove dirt, grime or moss and pull out weeds before washing the driveway with a cleaning solution. You can purchase several solutions at the store, but an easy one to make at home is your basic mild soap and water mix. Fortunately, our pavers are connected with sand particles—not grout—so you will see much less cracking or buckling of the pavers over time.


In addition to regularly cleaning your driveway, be sure to keep the potential messes away. Car maintenance is a common cause of oil stains—if these should occur, remove them swiftly with a detergent or degreaser so that you’re not left with a significant stain later on.


Line your driveway with flowers


Are you looking to add color and flair to your driveway? Lead guests to your home in a visually appealing way by lining the driveway with your favorite flowers or shrubs. This is a classically fun way to add visual interest to your driveway space while providing a clean border between your driveway and front lawn.


Provide clean, litter-free shade


Are you tired of stepping into a hot car on warm summer afternoons? While it can’t reduce the heat completely, lining your driveway with shade-producing trees can help you and your car cool down more easily on especially hot days. You will of course want to choose trees that are “cleaner,” or produce less seeds and leaves than other species, so that your driveway and car remain as clear as possible throughout the summer. Some such trees include the Japanese and trident maples.


Light it up


Finally, add some light to your driveway space for safety, functionality and, of course, a stylish new look. You can illuminate your driveway with solar-powered lights placed in the ground between plants, or you can even embed lights directly into the driveway.


This summer, get started on a driveway maintenance routine that works for you—you’ll thank yourself later on!

Dressing Up Your Driveway: 4 Smart Tips

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