Doubling Up on Design

Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 5:15PM

Doubling Up on Design

When is two better than one? When a doubled-up design helps make life at home easier to enjoy!

Take a look at today’s blog to see a few spots where doubling up on home features can make all the difference.

Garage doors

Even though the garage itself may be one continuous room, including two garage doors (as opposed to one, singular door) can add a sleek, symmetrical look to the façade of your home. With two doors, the design opportunities are endless: you can surround each door with garland for the holidays, for example, or top them off with wreaths. Year-round, placing a flower pot between the doors creates a pleasant look that could not be achieved with one door alone.

Bathroom sinks

Who couldn’t use an extra sink?  While double sinks or vanities used to be reserved for elegant master suites, we’re seeing them grow more and more popular due to how versatile they are (and how much more seamless they make your morning rush!).

Master suites

Speaking of master suites… who says you can only have one? Doubling up on this fully-equipped room can help you accommodate unique living situations, like a multigenerational household, son or daughter returning home from college, and more.

Dining spaces

Many homes can benefit from the addition of a second dining space. Having double dining areas gives you a way to enjoy casual everyday meals in one—saving the other for formal dinners and get togethers that call for that extra bit of luxury.

Kitchen ovens

You don’t need to be a gourmet chef to get use out of two kitchen ovens! Double ovens can help you streamline everyday meals, minimizing the rush and, come holiday season, giving you an easy way to warm up your favorite seasonal dishes.


In rooms where you crave customizable lighting, adding two windows to a wall (as opposed to one, expansive window) can help you achieve a sense of flexibility. Open the shades on one, leaving the other covered up, or open both for a bright effect. No other setup provides quite as many options to enjoy.

Interested in designing a home with duality in mind? Kargar’s got you covered with these features and much more. Call us today to get started on your custom construction!

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