Dining Room Redecorating: Our Favorite Ideas

Mon, Oct 03, 2016 at 10:02AM

Dining Room Redecorating: Our Favorite Ideas

October is finally here—and our favorite seasonal holidays are not far behind! If you love entertaining and throwing lavish family feasts at this time of year—but your dining room space is looking less than ideal—this might be the perfect time to spruce it up and give it the life it deserves.

Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our favorite ideas for dining room redecorating below.

Know your dining style

Before pursuing a dining room redecoration project, consider your dining style—since it will have a profound impact on the kind of space you craft. Is your family more casual about dinners and get-togethers, or are you known for extravagant dinner parties and holiday feasts worthy of being covered in a magazine? Do you want a multipurpose space that can be enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner, or do you prefer your dining room to be a separate space reserved for special occasions and lux dinners with friends? Answering these questions will help you to understand what you want out of your dining room space.

Start with the table

Once you’ve established your dining style, start with the table! It will anchor your space and serve as the backdrop for many a family dinner, so pick a style you love. Depending on your dining style, it might be a long table with high-back, cushioned chairs or a cozier piece with easy, comfy benches on either side.

Now is also the time to consider the table material you want. Is your dream table modern with sleek edges, or does it have a more worn, distressed finish? Think about the décor choices you make in the rest of your home to see what makes sense here.

Bring your space together with a focal point

A classic chandelier over your dining room table is an excellent way to bring your space together—but don’t feel the need to stop there! A centerpiece of fresh fruits, candles, or—the perennial classic—flowers will add color and coziness to your table.

Surround the space with warm, inviting colors

Dining rooms are natural gathering spots for family togetherness, so choose colors that lend themselves to this kind of use. Make family and friends feel right at home with rich reds, browns and other welcoming tones.

Lay out a rug for added color and texture

A colorful solid or patterned rug is another easy way to anchor your space and make guests feel a little cozier around the table.

Breathe life into your space

Brighten up your space by breathing some life into—literally! Flowers on your table or small plants like succulents in the surrounding space can add a sense of life and vitality to your dining room.

We hope that these ideas help you craft an entertaining space that’s fit for food, fun and family this holiday season and beyond!

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